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An FT piece reporting on Eric Schmidt addressing the UK Conservative party conference - Politicians yet to realise impact of internet, warns Google chief.

Having apparently decided that Tony's lot don't get it, he said

The current "TV generation" of political leaders had learnt to "switch on" and perform in front of the cameras and most were now aware of the internet's importance, he said. But he argued they had yet to grasp the technology's implications, not least in terms of the power it hands to voters, posing the question: "If television created this generation of politicians, what will the internet do to the next generation of politicians?"

Talking generally about the internet, he did offer a forecast that would appear to place Google squarely as raters of politicians and their statements and claims:

He forecast that, within five years, "truth predictor" software would "hold politicians to account". Voters would be able to check the probability that apparently factual statements by politicians were actually correct, using programmes that automatically compared claims with historic data, he said.

Politicians "don't in general understand the implications" of the internet, Mr Schmidt argued. "One of my messages to them is to think about having every one of your voters online all the time, then inputting 'is this true or false?'. We [at Google] are not in charge of truth but we might be able to give a probability."

Take a bit of wifi, a teeny little RFID chip, a green bar on a politician's forehead, and voila, no more lies.


And they could do another story on...

Mr Schmidt not understanding the ability of politicians to put a spin on the truth.

Politicians very rarely tell lies - though they are masters in evasions, half-truths and mis-representation of the facts.

sounds like google's spam

sounds like google's spam filter version 42.0 which should be due out sometime around 2018. of course this "truth predictor" could be more fun when it is applied to personal ads and craigslist postings instead of politicians.

Random lunatics sitting in their underwear...

How dare he imply the Tories are behind on new technology - after all, David Cameron has just recently discovered the joys of sitting in his underwear and randomly posting lunacies on his new blog.

It is a matter of engagement

Imagine relying on a single source to tell you what truth is.

Other than that the major flaw in his logic is that many people who are online do not vote. With 18 -24 year olds we have 46% voting, and with 25-34 year olds we have only 55%.

Compare that to the typewriter generation (65-74) and you have 73% participation. I really wish younger citizens would get off their asses and start voting.

Great give them more of a reminder... pass bills closing up the control of the interwebs.

//me taking tinfoil hat back off.

But seriously, any politican that hasn't figured out, or had one of their staff present some media-kit numbers to them, is, well, out of touch.

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