MSN Adcenter - Cross Browser Testing What's That?


I go to log into my accounts to check my daily stats this morning and when I get to MSN adcenter I get the the blue screen of nothingness

Microsoft adCenter in Firefox

After checking to make sure I didn't turn off Javascript, flash or some other setting everything looks OK. I check and see my ads are still running. So I switch to IE and find the answer to my question.

Microsoft adCenter in Explorer

C'mon MSN cross browser compatibility is Web 102 type stuff, lets get with the program.


Cross browser?

There is only 1 browser, isn't there?

Anonymous Cowards?

Does anyone from Microsoft ever look at or post on Threadwatch?

SIx degrees

>Does anyone from Microsoft ever look at or post on Threadwatch

Haven't seen any postings from them but it's hard to imagine there isn't a lurker or someone connected in a six degrees of Kevin Bacon way ...

Reminds me of many

moons ago while trying to signup for a new hotmail account using Mozilla. I actually got some notice to the effect that 'your browser sucks we won't support it, go get IE and come back'.

I'm pretty sure the climate and sentiment at MS has not changed over the years. ;)

The lunatics have taken over the asylum

Microsoft's bcentral (listbot, or whatever it is now) was IE only for years, and slowly got more and more broken. Try Firefox and get the "IE" message. Use IE, and it was slow, froze on some feature loads, not to mention the three or more layers of login required.

Then one day I tried Firefox and it worked great, while IE still didn't. For about two years now it is way faster and fully functional with Firefox, yet super slow and partly inoperable with IE. I can't wait until IE7 ships and they start rejecting Firefox again. The Lunatics are runnng that place.

There is no way I ever would have stayed with that service. It is an old friend that I help out. Aside from a few unusual reasons, they would have driven away any typical user.

You said it.

The people that wrote the "we're down" screen never even looked at Firefox. "document.all" is the canonical way to test for IE in javascript. Firefox doesn't support it.

Here's their code:

function Initialize(){

LoginTable = document.all["LoginTable"];

It'd be funny if it wasn't so sad.

Office Clipart

I think one of the funniest examples of Microsoft's cross-browser insanity is the Microsoft Clipart website. If you use IE, you have to download images through your basket... but if you use Firefox, you can simply right-click and download it as a GIF.

Too funny!


I remember when I first ran a trial campaign with adCenter months ago and it simply refused to work with Firefox. I sent countless exceedingly sarcastic emails to tech support, chiding them for being big babies and not wanting people to play with anyone else's toys but got no response.

Looks like they finally recognise the existence of Firefox but my account manager sticks by their story that there are features of adCenter that simply can't be Firefox compatible. If anyone finds out what these are and knows how Google, Yahoo et al can survive without them please let me know...

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