ShoeMoney The New King Of Link Baiting ?


I saw on ShoeMoney a post this morning about Marc Cuban Where Shoe attempt to call out Marc by saying the only thing he has ever done was sell a domain name to yahoo.

just a few hours later... Marc Cuban himself responds with:

you can say what you want about the tv show… i earned that one. but get a clue about the rest. HDNet is kicking ass. 2929 Entertainment…Good Night Good Luck, Akeelah and the Bee, great stuff coming. HDNet Films for day and date has 12 films coming and most will make more than enough to cover those that dont. Landmark Theaters is having a record year. ,, both making money. Great money.

You might not agree on youtube. I dont care. But get a clue about the businesses im involved with

wait till you see what we are working on for affiliate programs for selling movie tickets.

Now here is where it gets intriguing. Evidently there was a behind the scences bet where a few people randomly drew a person then tried to get them to comment. The winner received a up to $10,000.00 crazy weekend in las Vegas for the weekend of the 15th.

Any truth to this behind the scenes link bait challenge? I was told Aaron wall, AoJon, daveN and some others were involved.


If I was involved I just

If I was involved I just learned of it right now.

Shoemoney has always wrote

Shoemoney has always seemed to write controversial link bait. He seems to looks for what everyone else is writing/thinking, then says the exact opposite. Not exactly rocket science.

this is bullshit

there is no truth to this.

Hehe shoe...

...did you just do what foo explained, or are you serious?

then says the exact opposite

{...goes off to take a looksie...}


Hey shoe do you verify someone's email before allowing them to post comments? Just curious if it really was Mark Cuban or a poser

I did not use to until one

I did not use to until one time someone commented as Jason Calacanis then he emailed me and said it wasnt him. Also 1 time someone tried to post as matt cutts and I knew it was not them cause he had posted on forums I moderate and also commented several times on my blog.

Now I do verify when its someone like that. I have asked 3 people if they thought it was him (who would know) and they said the ip is his area and that is his real email that he commented with.

Mmm. Claims of a secret

Mmm. Claims of a secret contest to pull in comments from Mark Cuban? Linkbait++. Strong denials from two of the principal people? TW credibility--.

Hence why I removed it from

Hence why I removed it from the homepage.

I need to start posting more good stuff and being a bit more active such that we get a bit more signal in that slogan.


You joking?
Credibility was lost a long time ago.
Its politics and religion now or didnt you know?

Hey Cabbagelooking...

fuck off. hat tip to you!


Hey seofuck, don’t waste you’re time on me. I'm a 30 years qualified lawyer and that particular phrase is just water off a ducks back.
Face facts, this place has become a watering hole for monster egos.
Why waste your time using one word when 200 will do the trick?
Whatever happened to editorial control or is this just a politics and religion free for all, but if that’s the case why are there 11 (yes 11 lol) editors on the list.
Whatever happened to the seo stuff?
More noise, less signal ......ha ha ha ha ha ha

Whoa Cabbage

Whatever happened to the seo stuff?

I think Threadwatch is just a different kind of site. It's not a WMW, SeoChat, SEW type site. Most of the people here have been through that stage in their careers and really aren't into discussing particular techniques and methods. They also don't want login to see the latest "How do I get into DMOZ?" or "Do meta tags still work?" threads that you find on other forums.

There are a lot of political threads that come up, but most discuss issues that effect how the Internet is regulated. Some issues like net neutrality, industry regulations (gaming, adult, spyware, spam), and other legislation have a direct impact on almost everyone here, and are laws that will shape the future of the net. I'd much rather have a discussion over those issues (which will shape the industry more than any SEO tactic) than why someones site jumped up 3 spots on a particular datacenter.

I do agree with you that there is a lot more noise these days. I've never been a fan of threads like this. I personally don't care what personality link baited who or said something negative about so-and-so. But I also think that this site offers discussion on much more mature topics that you simply don't find on any other forums, and don't contain nearly as much noise in the comments.

While I do hope that some of the riff-raff goes by the wayside, I really don't want to see some of the political and legal discussions go away. I'd hate to see Threadwatch turn into "another SEO forum".

>> Whatever happened to the

>> Whatever happened to the seo stuff?

It went where Matt can't see it (no offence Matt). TW is one of the recruiting grounds for those places.

It's the new shape of the WWW, or at least of SEO


shhh .. you don't want to give the game away ..


Any truth to this behind the scenes link bait challenge?

nowt to do with me .. if I was going to link bait i would get a member of staff to say I had been locked up by the police for spamming.


locked up by the police for spamming

You haven't?

I'm a 30 years qualified lawyer

so what, do you think anyone here give a fuck what you do ? nothing worse than a lawyer with a monster ego who has to ram it down our throat what he does

if you don't like it here then why do you post so often when there are 10's of 1,000's of forums out there what will love to see your self opinionated comments

>>Whatever happened to the seo stuff?
its get discussed on private forums and weekend meetings by "invitation only" to make sure people like you don't get invited

aaaah Mick

tells it like it is and doesn't give a rats arse how he says it.

only to certain people as you know Gurtie

look forward to seeing you all in couple of weeks everyone :)

As I said........

Ha ha ha ha ....
What a fucking joke.
"less noise more signal"
Why dont some of you guys try it?
Perhaps a short read wouldnt do some of you any harm....
" is a community website focused on marketing and technology news"
Got it?


ok - personally I wouldn't have bothered with the original subject but I do think that a thread about link building by link baiting is pretty relevant to marketing in an industry where half of us spend 80% of our time trying to link build one way or another, even if its not something in this instance I can get very excited about personally.

The thread was about link baiting (whether it worked, whether there was a contest etc etc) until Matt and then you pulled it sideways, Aaron had already demoted it from the homepage so it would have died if people weren't interested.

So you have a right to your opinion but no more. If Aaron wants to bollock the editors for publishing it he can do so and if he doesn't then its not your business. If you don't like the way he runs the place then there's an obvious solution. Its sad when your interests diverge from a place you used to love but shit happens.

To add to what Gurtie said,

To add to what Gurtie said, one might note that most of the members here have been around for ages and are not newbie SEOs. I'd guess that one of the main attractions of TW is precisely that it is *not* a place where basic SEO is discussed. Whatever there is to learn of SEO here is not so basic, is a between-the-lines kind of thing, and the rest is marketing of the SEO variety.

To add to what I said,

My point in these matters is not about what is acceptable but is more aimed at what is not acceptable given the stated aims of this forum. The recent ihelpyou thread was an unmitigated disaster that could easily have started the writs flying and the content of the insensitive Ramadan thread was really stupid given the current political and religious situation, the fact that there are Muslims who are members here and the fact that it was in the middle of a time of worship. Whether or not people wish to discuss their little gems in public or share their secrets with the rest of us either in public or in a private meeting is not the point.

Okay. Point taken, even

Okay. Point taken, even though the matter of SEO was brought up earlier.

I do wish these matters could be discussed con una poca de gracia* -- but what do I know.

* with a little grace

with a little grace? Threadwatch?

'with a little grace'?

Passion: absolutely.
Imagination: inside the box readily available elsewhere.
Crude, rude, and obstreperous: there be Brits in the place.
Politics, Sex, Religion: if it drives humans it drives SEM.
Opinion: iconoclasts (mostly) all.
Discussion: threshing is what separates the signal from the noise.

Fun: once past survival-necessity work should be fun - 'work ethic' is indenture by another name.

There be a sense of joy at Threadwatch that is woefully absent in other SEM fora. A place without the lamentations of the willfully ignorant where the mystic revelations of the SE auguries and the exhortations of the snake oil peddlars can be downed with a few pitchers of brew...and deservingly pissed away afterwards.

p.s. All successful fishers use bait. It is of interest only by virtue of the size of catch. Nice catch Shoemoney.

p.p.s. Bleeding edge is always private. Threadwatch is public. Why belabour the obvious to the oblivious?

p.p.p.s. Threadwatch is like a pub common room and Aaron is proving a great publican. Now if he can only get DaveN to wash his hands...and the lawyers, what to do with the lawyers...

Keep a few

I'd like to keep a few of the lawyers around becaused I always learn most from reading someone whose thought processes are different from mine.

There be a sense of joy at

There be a sense of joy at Threadwatch that is woefully absent in other SEM fora. A place without the lamentations of the willfully ignorant where the mystic revelations of the SE auguries and the exhortations of the snake oil peddlars can be downed with a few pitchers of brew...and deservingly pissed away afterwards.

Ands you don't get commentary like that on WebMasterUniverse.

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