Google Thwarts Adwords Trojans - Too Late for Some

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Google removes Trojan ads
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From threadlinked above via SEL

Search engine operator Google has blocked ads that attempt to exploit security holes in the Internet Explorer. In the past few days, Google has been displaying context-sensitive ads on the right margin from its program partner AdWords that link to sites with dangerous JavaScript for various search terms such as "Preisvergleich" (price comparison) and "Gebraucht PC" (used PC). If you clicked on one of the links in the Internet Explorer, a JavaScript attempted to install spyware on your system. And the normal list of hits also included a lot of sites with Trojans.

This Monday, Google reacted to the problem almost 72 hours after heise Security had informed the company of the problem; all of the ads and sites in the full text index that were listed in the heise online ticker report were removed.

Why on earth did it take 72hrs to react? and are Google liable for damages?


That's not correct.

That spam was gone from our index by early afternoon on Sunday, and some of it was gone earlier. I can't speak to the ads, but I think they were gone as well.

Thanks for the correction GG

Can you give any more details on the whole deal?

Will post a new thread with the correction if you'd like...

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