Yahoo! Buys Online Advertising Company AdInterax and 20% Stake in RightMedia,


Well certainly not as high profile as acquiring Facebook but:

Yahoo Inc. (YHOO) entered a definitive agreement to acquire Adlnterax, a provider of rich media advertising services, and will also buy a 20% stake in Right Media Inc., an open media exchange.


Yahoo will also join the Right Media Exchange, which allows advertisers to bid on Yahoo's non-premium inventory through an open and transparent marketplace. The exchange has more than 11,000 buyers and sellers trading digital media.



while we are here, I just

while we are here, I just thought i would mention I read the blog of one of these guys at right media, Interesting stuff if you want to check it out. (although it's been a little crapier as of late, but there is some gold in there ;)).

Is this an admission that

Is this an admission that Yahoo! Publisher Network is never going to get anywhere without outside help?

Anybody ever used RightMedia?

It could be interesting both from a publisher and advertiser perspective, but they do a masterful job of obscuring the way their various offerings differ one from the other. Beyond that, despite their stated desire to be the next eBay, they don't allow you to sign right up, but require you to begin a dialog with a sales staffer, which is as good a way as I know to limit penetration into the tail end of the market. It was the tail that made eBay, but apparently what they want is to be an eBay that deals only with ad agencies and mediaglomerates.

A couple of answers

Hi raycam,

Our "long tail" product is called RMX Direct and we're a week or two away from moving out of beta. You can find a beta invite request form at and it will soon be open with the signup form right there on the front page making it very easy to signup. We are not only trying to deal with agencies and conglomerates, we're very interested and making a big effort to work with the average web publisher.

We're also not aiming to be the next ebay. That's not really the auction model that works for media in realtime. Our exchange is more along the lines of a stock exchange in that we have all kinds of different buyers, sellers, and brokers making transactions on a platform.

foo, glad you've found some gold in my blog at I haven't had the time to make many great posts lately, but I'd be interested to know what kinds of posts you find to be gold so that I can create more of that type. Shoot me an email at

with any feedback and I'd really appreciate it.


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