BURST Open up Blog Channel

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BURST! Media Launches Blog Ad Channel
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Rob McGann has the scoop at the threadlink above on BURST Media's new blog channel:

Ad network BURST! Media has launched a new blog-focused sub-channel, landing Kyocera Wireless as its first advertising customer. The service allows interactive marketers to place ads on the more than 20 blogs on BURST!'s 2,000-site network.

BURST! currently represents 22 blogs that together generate 9 million monthly pageviews. In addition to the group of Gawker Media blogs, that stable includes BlueLemur, 2WallsWebzine, and CelebCourthouse. However, with new applicants applying regularly and some existing member sites opting to reclassify themselves, BURST! expects the number of blogs on its network to change on a weekly basis.