ZDNet article flubs Zawodny expose


Yesterday, ZDNet tried to accuse Jeremy Zawodny of being disloyal to Yahoo! by using AdWords. Jeremy gleefully thwapped the reporter back:

"I guess the lesson is that someone who writes about "digital micro-markets" can't tell the difference between products aimed at publishers and those aimed at advertisers. I guess the further lesson is that such a person, in their rush to publish, doesn’t examine my previous public statements on the matter (using this magic "search" technology).

Donna, you're not making ZDNet look very good. Please stop. You can do better than this (I hope)."

See original ZDNet article here, and Zawodny's rebuttal here.


zd who?

That ZDNet site has content? Lemme look....

Oh, sure. Well, ZDNet provided that writer with less than 10% of the page for the actual "article" so what does that say?

hmm baiting Zawodny... I

hmm baiting Zawodny... I thought he would be smarter then that.

There is stupid...

...on both sides of that 'battle'.



I dropped my subscription to those rags almost 15 years ago when I saw them publish a "review" of our product that was almost dictated word for word by my product manager.

If the product manufacturers have that much leverage over the content I didn't need to pay my money to read that tripe, nor waste precious space in my mailbox with the complimentary professional copy, blech.

Don't get me started on these so-called journalists.

Don't know if this has been

Don't know if this has been covered but seriously . ..

Why the Fuck does Zawodny have Google Adsense on his blog?

That's like the biggest dick move i've ever seen. While Matt continues to be the Paragon of Astroturfing and teh ideal corporate blogger, Jeremy is selling out his own company in embarassing fasion for what? to make an extra hundred bucks a month?

"People will infer whatever they want to infer." - Jeremy

Wow. Just Wow.

There has to be more to this story - can someone fill me in?


Why the Fuck does Zawodny have Google Adsense on his blog?

Because it's America, land of the free, like it or leave it ;)

Have you considered Jeremy runs it so Yahoo can evaluate how AdSense works? I used to manage a HUGE software project and we bought (ie. paid for if needed to) all our competitors products to fully understand them.

You never know his motives so I wouldn't try to second guess what he's doing.

Buying products is not the

Buying products is not the same.

Did you also send letters to all your customers saying "Buy from our Competitor?"

Cuz that's essentially what Jeremy is doing.

Might be baseline data. When

Might be baseline data. When he switches to Yahoo, he could compare everything to the way it was with AdSense.


Did you also send letters to all your customers saying "Buy from our Competitor?"

Based on the billions of dollars at stake, the pennies Zawodny makes is meaningless in the grand scheme of things.

FWIW, yes, I have sent people to my competitor when I knew my product didn't solve their specific needs. No use lying to them and making an unhappy customer, and some of them decided to stick with us just because we didn't lie about our capabilities. You can never tell with customers but they'll ultimately never forget if you try to scam them so honesty never hurts.

I honestly don't understand why people got tweaked when Zawodny sold links or put up AdSense, he's just a guy that happens to work @ Yahoo. Big whoop and dee doo if he can make a little extra coin on the side or even spread the PR in the process, good for him.

Sounds like a lot of sour grapes to me.

Jeremy should go work for

Jeremy should go work for Google, you know he wants to! =P

Is it just me or...

...does anyone else *not* see ads on his blog? I just don't see any ads on the blog at all, when I've been reading it over the last year.


It's good to know the threadwatch crowd still cares. :-)

Silver: people who leave comments aren't subjected to the ads--my reward for participation. It's a two-way streat, after all. To bad so many other sites haven't figured that out.

IncrediBILL: Free country. Right on.

No Ads Option

Very cool on the No Ads Option, Jeremy!

It's even more obvious that your goal with the ads isn't just to make $.

And the claim that you're disloyal to Yahoo! is laughable to anyone who's read your blog for any length of time at all.

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