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2nd Impression
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I just know of Greg Jarboe by name. First I skimmed the article threadlinked above
and I thought I think he must work for a PPC management organization. On 2nd read, I think he's giving Organic SEO's a few tips i.e. sell services by showing conversion and tracking. Still not sure, but will give it a 3rd read. Although he is using SEMPO's research study in his analysis, so who really knows? Does anyone know the stats on the Sempo survey i.e. how many participated, who participated? I'll search around later for the details, but I know my dog participated succesffully in the survey.


Making the Case for PFP

It seems Greg is pointing out the disparity in corp online marketing spending between PPC and Organic. And that to equal things out, agencies and SEOs should consider a pay for performance model instead of retainer.

Might be Challenging

I have clients who hate the PPC model and want nothing to do with it. Used the adwords and absolutely want out. Weird?

the problem with pay per click

is that it forces the site to need to convert and compete with its competitors. lots of people think SEO is this paint brush that you slap across a site and make it magically rank well forever and thus they want to avoid any sort of recurring fees.

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