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Download: Windows AntiSpyware (beta)
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Neowin has the scoop on the new antispyware program from M$ being out in beta, now we need some tech-savvy affiliates to test it and see if it's eating affiliate cookies or not. If you do test it, please let us know about it here...

Late last year Threadwatch member 5StarAffilatePrograms rasied concerns that the new tool would eat affilate cookies..


Quick Test

Just downloaded and installed it then ran it using defaults on all options. My aim is to be 100% neutral and emulate what I believe the settings the majority of users will set.

1st impressions from a users point of view are that I am impressed.

In fact I am VERY impressed!

I ran a quick scan and it picked up stuff on my computer that slipped past all the other standard spyware checks. I WAS infected with malware / spyware and my SpyBot, Kaspersky and Adware combo failed to pick up on them.

To put some concerns at rest, by default it does NOT touch cookies, but it does give you the option of deleting them using their "Tracks Eraser" Not ideal from an affiliate's point of view but better than deleting them by default.

The one major down side is that in protecting browser hijacking etc. it wants to know your preferred home page, search page etc., but it does NOT take them from your current config but defaults to MS related pages. MSN Search etc.

I'll do a fuller test later in the month but so far, hats off to MS on this application, especially with their implementation of what they cal SpyNet. On 1st looks this seems to be a "call home" feature when a new unknown of threat is found on any installation and the fingerprints are shared across all users.

Admitably this is a quick and dirty test but I'd give it 9/10 from me. It's the best out there at the moment, (commercial or otherwise) and it doesn't delete cookies by default.

MS Love Cookies

I couldn't foresee them deleting cookies as MS have a cookie culture. They love personalisation, etc.


Cookie Detection and Removal. GIANT AntiSpyware detects and removes cookies from your computer. Because many Web sites require the use of cookies to enable a great user experience, Windows AntiSpyware (Beta) does not remove cookies.

We ALL Love Cookies!

Thanks Jason, I will sleep better now.

Linda Buquet AKA Catalyst

Another quick test

Gave it a trial run this morning, and overall, yeah I was more impressed by it than I expected to be.

It's my work PC, which is behind a pretty strict firewall and AV setup, with Spybot installed and not the kind of machine I use for 'general' browsing. It did find a couple bits of spyware though, which I was fairly surprised at.

It did also find 3/4 legitimate apps that were not at all Spyware, but I was fairly pleased to see that the information mentioned that, and it was more a warning in case you didn't know they were on there. The default action for them was ignore, whereas one of the two bits of spware was automatically flagged for removal.

I've read in a newsgroup that the app it's based on had an innoculate feature, which this doesn't. Not sure what it did, and I've not looked into the real-time protection part yet. Protection against getting the stuff in the first place is what I really want though. With 30 machines to look after in the office, and another half a dozen external workers, I want to prevent it getting installed, not having a tool that I have to rescan with each time someone gets problems.

Overall, better than I was expecting, I'll reserve final judgement till I've seen how it runs on a mates home PC who probably doesn't have AV, current updates, or any other antispyware software!

Another quick test

Bah, dupe post because nothing was happening for 3 minutes! feel free to delete this one....

Great Reveiws

Thanks very much guys, really nice to see some folks test this thing out and report on it!

Welcome to Threadwatch Adrian, please introduce yourself in the intro thread.

Seeing how this would perform on a non-modded setup would be nice, i may have to give my mum the url later today ;) heh..

You guys must trawl some really bad corners...

..of the web to pick up stuff that had lain undetected by your existing defences.

I ran this M$ antispyware program, and happily it did not find anything untoward.

Still it is a nice "clean" progam, easy to use, and in spite of the irony of M$ selling it, my guess would be that it will go down big with the general punters, who probably will not really have been aware of spyware until M$ tell them.

Unfortunately you do not need to trawl

Didn't Google just have to fix a situation where gits were using adwords for linking to spyware download pages?


They certainly did Chris. Doesnt it seem that as each year goes by the net just gets a little more dangerous?

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