DMOZ: The Open Directory Program, Will Close on March 14, 2017

Directories have been waning in strength and authority for years, but DMOZ was always a "last bastion" sort of site. Even DMOZ, today, isn't what it once was.

Large recent DA drop? 3+ full points. Possible cause per Rand @Moz

I track about 200 sites in the small business / marketing / social media / tech niche and almost all of them saw about a 3+ point drop in DA all at the same time. 

Ahrefs: SEO Mythbusters: Top marketers share the most counterintuitive SEO truths

The internet

Jigsaw, a Division of Google, Unveils New Machine Learning Tool to Remove "Toxic Comments"

We can all guess at what "toxic comments" are. There are enough of them on the web that it's a pretty easy "know it when you see it" judgement.

The February 7th Update May Have Been Phantom

The Phantom strikes again! Google's Phantom menace! Alright, that's enough of that I guess.

Google's Mobile First Index is Still Trundling on Towards a Launch

I was actually under the mistaken impression that tests for the mobile-first index were already live. Oops!

Was There an Algorithm Update on February 7?

Word on the street is that a lot of webmasters saw their sites jumping hither and thither last week.

Google’s Biggest Search Algorithm Updates of 2016 [Gifographic]

This information should be helpful to SEO experts when planning their strategies this year. Details on which updates were rolled out when according to E2M Solutions. 

Google Doesn't Care About Your 404s

Every week I find myself shocked to learn about a new dumb thing that SEOs think will get their site to the first page.

Pinterest and PPC

You've heard about buyable Pins, right? Now Pinterest wants to kick it up another notch with PPC.

Google Tools - Can Ya Trust 'Em?

Yet another question as timeless as SEO itself - can you trust Google's tools?

Ads on the Top, Ads on the Bottom - Google Test Makes SERPs an Ad Sandwich

AdWords ads are now displaying in the top 4 and at the bottom, also in a group of 4, in this new Google test.

You Need Content, Not Necessarily a Blog

SEOs like to say, like a record on repeat, that "content is king." But that doesn't mean that the only way to create content is through a blog.

New Bing Ads automation to import Google AdWords

You can now import yout Google AdWords campigns automatically into Bing Ads thanks to Bing's new Automated Imports.

350,000 Fake Twitter Accounts Discovered in One Single Fake Network on Twitter

Researchers looking into the extent and intentions of fake accounts on Twitter have discovered vast networks of fake accounts - one of them containing 350,000 members. One of the researchers, Dr.

DuckDuckGo Reaches Past 10 Billion Searches - 4 Billion Were in 2016

Good news for those of you who support search engine alternatives to Google and Bing - DuckDuckGo is celebrating another milestone.

Sayonara, Matt Cutts

Matt Cutts, on leave from Google since 2014, officially left the company for the US Digital Service at the end of 2016.

Google confirms new mobile interstitial penalty is now live

Are You Compliant?

Firstly what is “Interstitial”, this is an advertisement that appears while a chosen website or page is downloading.

Google has another go with Google+

Google continues to mull over Google+ and has announced it'll be adding Events, and what it describes as, "its time to say goodbye to classic Google+ on the web, which we'll be turning down on Janu

Patent-Reading Reveals New Technical Insights to How Google Views Entities

Fancy something a little more meaty and technical than your typical SEO article?