Google introduces RankHeart to balance out RankBrain Algorithm

Online Reputation Case Studies by Industry from Techavation

Dealing with reputation issues, identity theft, negative reviews, and viral bad publicity are all issues businesses and SEOs face regularly.

How RankBrain Changes Entity Search

Google Rolls Out RankBrain; Wayback Machine Adding History Search; Another Penguin Coming

Stories in Yoast SEO weekly recap: Google Rolls Out RankBrain; Wayback Machine Adding History Search; Another Penguin Coming

Google Scores an Own Goal in "Code Push" That Buried its Competitors in Mobile SERPs

Google appears to have given its competitors more ammunition in their fight over its "biased SERPs" when a "code push" appears to have demoted its competitors in mobile SERPs, and favouring its own

Google: Deceptive Mobile Traffic Networks Will Be Punished

Affiliate traffic networks are apparently a big problem in the mobile world these days.

Reasons to Study How Users Interact With Your Page

Google's recently released Search Quality Rater Guidelines emphasize user satisfaction and usability more than they have in the past, it seems.

Google's Releases Full Search Quality Ratings Guidelines

It's a big ol' 160 page pdf but according to SEL it's a pretty good read. If

Like a Phoenix? Google Plus Gets a Redesign

Poor Google Plus has been in a tailspin for so long, it's refreshing to see something new being done with it.

Two by Two, the Zombies Go Marching In

Zombie traffic in the world of organic search, not to be confused with the different species of zombie that plagues the world of PPC, is still a problem for many webmasters.

The Mobile Minute: Bing Mobile Friendly Test; Use Google Maps offline

About a year ago Google launched their Mobile Friendly Test Tool.

In its first year, Google Pirate hurt only the torrent sites

Remember the Google Pirate algorithm update? The company acted as swashbucklers against online piracy, but a year later it looks like it only hurt torrent sites.

Manual Link Building is Here to Stay - But Automation is On the Way Out

Just because something can be automated doesn't necessarily mean that it should be.

Facebook's New Search Features May Open a $5 Billion Advertising Opportunity

Facebook's search algorithm takes into account posts that you've made, pages you've followed, and what your friends are talking about.

Google still working on extending Search Console historical data

Two years ago Google said they would extend the amount of historical data in their Search Console from 90 days to 1 year.

Mobile-friendly algorithm update axes your interstitials

Back in June Google warned against app interstitials and, like clockwork, they're already penalizing you for having them.

Penguin will be refreshing before the end of the year

Dust off the ol' disavow document, you should check your backlink profile and make sure your site is not at risk.

I never knew people cared THAT much about favorites on Twitter

Twitter changed "favorites" stars into "like" hearts yesterday and the Internet BLEW RIGHT UP.

Google Tests Epic Length Snippets

Gilgamesh and Ulysses got nothin' on these seven line snippets that Google is testing.

Curious case of featured snippets