How long would it take to remove your traces from Google?

There's an interesting story (tweeted by @fantomaster) on how

Local Search Category?

Hey Team, 1st off, super excited TW is back!Can you add a local search category since local is such a big piece of the puzzle now?

Thanks, Linda

Google Doodle - 150th Anniversary of "The Tube"

Google's doodle has become much more common since Larry became CEO again and today, for the UK at least, Google is showing a fantastic doodle celebrating the 150th anniversary of the London Tube Ne

Stop reading my email !

The seizure of email without a search warrant by the US government may finally be a thing of the past.

A Look At Some Famous Google Security Breaches

There are only two big issues that can blemish the momentum of Google's branding right now...Click Fraud and Privacy. Google's done a pretty good job securing all that data, but looks at a few instances when Google dropped the ball on security.

MSNBC: Google Has 100 Algorithms

"Google contains more than 100 algorithms that make it the world's most popular search engine."

youtube biggest - 3.8 million downloads

nothing to do with SEO/SEM web search or marketing but made the news here in the UK over the Easter weekend as youtube most downloaded video with over half a million downloads, it is now showing over 3.8 million

2 Otters holding hands in a Vancouver Aquarium

now that is cute

Just How Much Does Microsoft Dislike Google?

If you have the Google Toolbar installed in Firefox, and go you to MSN's Live Search, you may see this popup.

MSN is asking if you would like to add MSN "Live Search" to the Google Toolbar.

Melissa Harrington to be interviewed by ShoeMoney

One of the internets most success full porn stars to be interviewed by shoemoney next week. Shoemoney is asking for your help on any questions you might have for her in reguards to regular webmasters.

Whilst in Seattle... Danny's conference.

I'm going to visit here: Greenwood Space Travel Supply.

Google experimenting with ad fonts

Did anyone notice that Google makes some adsense titles appear in italics, with no bold applied? Do they really think that this will attract more clicks? I doubt... Here's the screenshot:

Do you walk into doors?

If so, you could be addicted... to technology. I'm guessing some of this might ring bells of a few people here...

The seemingly exponential growth of portable technology has sparked fears that people are becoming addicted or swamped by gadgets and their uses.

interned/worked for MS, G, & Y

My Microsoft Google Yahoo Stories

Don't miss the comparison chart near the bottom. And, restrain yourselves, please. From the comments; "Please stop emailing resumes.

Yahoo Search Down, Did it Make A Sound?

Yahoo Search was down for at least twenty minutes this morning. Did anyone even notice?

UK Government's Tony Blair is a Mass Email Spammer

Tony Blair emailed 1.8 million people who signed a petition against a proposed road tax that would charge UK drivers by the mile:

Test custom-made for paranoid SEO's

"Do you trust everything you are told or do you think there is usually truth in conspiracies?"

The Conspiracy Test

The Reason it's a slow day

This is the reason it's a slow day.. 1/2 of the United States is buried under a ton of snow. Video from my house

Guardian quotes Danny Sullivan as authority source

Danny Sullivan, the editor in chief of, said that though the judgment was a minor blow for the search engine, it was only a partial success for litigious European media owners.

Google is Challenging Users-Show Us You're Human

Google is now showing challenges to certain queries that is thinks are generated by a virus or spyware application. The bot armies must be on the march.

YouTube 'a tool for terrorists'

Until recently, videos shot by terrorist groups were posted predominantly on specialist Internet forums, which often only those knowing what to look for could find. But more are turning to mainstream sites like YouTube, which draw millions of visitors around the world each day.