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5 Ways to Profit with Existing Content

Jen Goode writes on 5 ways to profit with existing content, including lists of materials for how-to articles and a suggested reading list t

Wordpress and Joomla sites under botnet dictionary attack

How to Build Your Presence With Reverse Guest Posting

Pretty good article on doing the opposite of what almost every other SEO is doing at the moment:

Google: all your images are belong to us

Google has updated Google images, so that you no longer need to visit the website Google got the image from when you click it!

TheVerge's Joshua Topolsky Blames Huffington Post for Google's Awful Relevancy

Raise your hand if you are a video game nerd.

Keep it up if you are over 30.

Hand still up?

Good. Caters to Spammers

Digg have back themselves into a corner by editing or burying many of the commercial submissions. It looks as though they intend to capture a bit of that commercial market they have despised:

Online Content Moving Offline

Yesterday Google announced Google Gears, to help make online applications work offline. Yesterday Apple also announced that they will be syndicating YouTube content to Apple TV. Today RealNetworks announced that their player will allow you to download videos to your hard drive.

Google Takes Applications Offline

Google is releasing a cross-browser extension called Google Gears which gives offline capability to online ap

Lime, Rice, and Matt Cutts: Introducing Mahalo

Let's grab some VC money, repackage the web in a stale aging link list format, call it web 2.0, and watch it fail. Introducing Mahalo, which is: to Sell DRM Free Music

Amazon announced that they are going to sell DRM free music:

Reuters agrees to Thomson buyout

News service Reuters has agreed to a deal with Canadian financial data provider Thomson in a deal worth about £8.7bn ($17bn)

What Happens in Iraq Stays in Iraq

While US soldiers continue to die in Iraq, the US has finally decided to increase security. No, they are not talking about getting that safety armor they have been lacking for years, they are worried about protecting their computers. The Pentagon is limiting soldier access to numerous websites, especially video sites:

Rupert Murdock Wants the Wall Street Journal

The WSJ is reporting that News Corp made an unsolicited buyout offer for Dow Jones for $5 billion.

Flood of Government Content Coming Online to a SERP Near You

Google plans to announce today that they are partnering with state governments to help make their public records more accessible:

J.L. Needham, who manages Google's public-sector content partnerships, said at least 70 percent of visitors to government Web sites get there by using commercial search engines. But too often, he said, Web searches do not turn up the information people are looking for simply because government computer systems aren't programmed in a way that allows commercial search engines to access their databases.

As more of this content comes online industries such as real estate and insurance will get uglier as commercial players are forced out of the SERP and into buying AdWords. But on the upside, if you gain editorial access to one of these trusted websites it should be quite easy to rank for virtually anything.

The Daily Telegraph seems to want to have its cake and eat it with Google.

At some stage G needs to call somone bluff and drop old media from the index if they want to play hardball.

Amazon suing Web 2.0 developer into oblivion..

Ron Hornbaker, the creator of Alexaholic and the face of Web 2.0, is getting reamed unfairly for using the Alexa service. That makes a good headline but isn't quite what is happening.

Is YouTube Selling Text Links to Politicians

Recently it was pointed out to me that YouTube has a section for high profile US politicians. Looking at the individual profile pages you can see inconsistent implementation, where some politicians are given straight links and others aren't.

Google's Paid Inclusion Model: Traditional Publishing Is Not Dying

Bambi Fransisco, an 8 year star reporter at MarketWatch, announced she quit to work on a personal project. Reporters can make more as independent bloggers and market commentators than traditional publishers are willing to pay, but those publishers still have leverage over Google.

Banner blindness getting worse

The study at showed that ads which are aggressive, are not effective. Advertisements that blended in and looked like a site content performed significantly better than ads that stood out from the rest of the page.

YouTube Hails to the King

Not an Elvis Presly related issue, one in Thailand. Apparently YouTube is blocked there. Via the WSJ:

"It's a serious case of lèse-majesté," said Mr. Sitthichai, using the legal term for the crime of offending the monarchy. "We asked Google to remove it some days ago, but they refused to."