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Google DVR? Not Likely...

John Battelle points to speculation about Google entering the DVR space. This has *got* to be from-out-of-space-bollocks .. right?

Google Stops Scanning Copyrighted Books?

There's not a great deal of substance to the NBC11 story that says Google have stopped scanning copyrighted books, sheesh, they could even be talking about Google's self imposed halt on book scanning that they resumed last week.

Gates on Google (in Israel)

I had breakfast with an Israeli this morning and he was telling me that Bill Gates was speaking on Google in a short visit to the country. I have now found an english version of his comments, Maybe Gilad can find more. In the meantime.. Shalom, mashlom kha? Kol beseder? Yoffi!

China Blocks Typepad

Reports are coming in that China have blocked Typepad hosted blogs. I got a tip this morning and did a quick search and only came up with the link above, but from what my friend says, this is the real deal, and not something to do with TP's server move.

WebmasterWorld Cloaking Links for PageRank?

So there I was on my first day back to work for a while surfing around like normal and I suddenly realised I had left my User Agent Switcher for Firefox turned on.

UK Gov to Spam Kids, Companies

In an outstanding display of ignorance and unrivaled stupidity, the UK governent are to spam companies, and even children with their messages according to the BBC. They'll be sending kids anti-drugs messages via SMS, and dinging company intranets and internal email systems. Hmmm... sounds just perfect huh?

Google Spyware

Google have been in trouble with observant techies over bundling, just as Yahoo! and others have with their toolbars, but now, they're taking spyware tactics to a whole new level.

Forget EBay, Check Out Jim's Guide to DMOZ Editorship

Don't waste your time nd money buying DMOZ account on Ebay check out Jim's step by step guide to becoming a DMOZ editor.

The End of First Page Listings on Google?

As John points out, a search for new york to san francisco currently only leaves 2 organic results (both of them useless..) on the first page of Google.

Call to Boycott FastClick Over Pop-Ups Goes Out

Adrants is calling for a boycott of FastClick and other ad networks that sell pop ups - they also want to boycott and shame websites that serve pop ups, and advertisers that buy pop ups.

Web Accelerator, Required for Free Google WIFI?

msgraph just posted a horrible thought on the Evil Google Web Accelerator™ Will it be a required download for free GOOG WIFI?

Web Accelerator Rears Its Ugly Head

It appears that the Google Web Accelerator is once again available for download. After the first time GOOG released GWA on the public, you'd think they'd have learnt. It seems they haven't. Not only is it back, it's worse!

Joel on Adsense Click Fraud

Responding to a reader post Joel Spolsky airs some thoughts on Adsense click fraud and spam blogs.

SpyMedia in Mass Email Cockup

An anonymous story submitted to Threadwatch suggests that would be citizen journalism site SpyMedia that launched in beta ealier this month have made a somewhat disasterous blunder with their official launch email.

Word of Warcraft Outed for Spyware

World of Warcraft has been outed for containing spyware. The hidden program is called "warden", and it's primary task appears to be to look for third party mods to the game.

How ATM Fraud Nearly Knobbled British Banking

A Register story that would make your hair curl. It covers both the bent IT department of "a major UK High Street Bank" that was tapping into peoples bank accounts by tweaking the allocation of PIN numbers. And the lawyer who fought the banks apparently charges £1,750 per hour (plus VAT), which is more that most readers of TW (I decline from saying all). I quote below the meat of how its done, as it is a bit buried in the article. Anybody heading for a cashpoint this weekend?

XML = F*cked, Firm Plans Cash In on Patent

In what could be far worse than a body blow to the entire web industry, a small company is planning to cash in on a patent on XML. They plan to rob SCO of the coveted Most Hated Company award by knobbling everything from RSS to web services.

Web2.0 Kickin' Continues as Joel Puts Boot In

The latest in what's becoming quite a long list of people putting the boot in on the Web2.0/Bubble2.0 frenzy is Joel Spolsky who viciously kicks down what he calls The Architecture Astronauts

MillionDollorHompage Clones - Wankers, All of Them

Ever since that damn million dollar homepage thing launched, (and let's face it, it was a fantastic idea..) Threadwatch has been inundated with the absolute fucking dregs of society posting their shit, ill thought out, badly put together and poorly marketed immitations. They post in the original thread, they post in other threads, they post as new threads, sheesh, some of these fucking arseholes even play on sickness and charity to try and get a link from here. Wankers, of the highest order, every single last one of them.

Google Engineer Hammered over CSS Spam Comments

Regular readers of Google engineer Matt Cutts' blog will know that he has his comments on pre moderation. This means that if a lot of people reply before he accepts those comments, all you really have is comments, rather than discussion. Still, you'd think that when he drops some idiot site right in the firing line over some telltale signs of deceptive spamming he might actually answer the almost universal question everyone is asking. At the time of writing, there are 48 comments, of which about 85% are on the theme of "hey! what about legitimate reasons to hide text with css?" with no word from Google.