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Vertically Searching My Arse

Source Title: Golf Vertical Search Engine Tees Off Source Url: Story Text:

Today, Nick W of announced a new vertical search engine aimed at purveyors of fine bottoms: as the new and trendy search tool is named, aims to provide fans of Mr Wilsons bottom with all the tools necessary to find the information fast.

Yahoo to Knobble SEM's and Agencies with Restricted API?

Source Title: Is Yahoo Destined To Be The Next LookSmart? Source Url: Story Text:

Frank Watson, aka AussieWebmaster pm'd me this morning about his conversation with a top level Y! rep about their possible plans to restrict API access to third party SEM and analytics firms.

Latin AOL on the Rocks

Source Title: Wired News Source Url:,1367,66991,00.html?tw=wn_2bizhead Story Text:

Wired report that the Latin arm of AOL may have to close unless it finds a suitable buyer.

Unless AOL Latin America (AOLA) finds a buyer for its assets, it will have to close down operations. Although it has enough cash to stay in business through the third quarter of this year, the company said it may be in default with Time Warner (TWX), which holds $160 million of senior convertible notes in the company.

M$ Knobbling the EU on WMP Free XP?

Source Title: EU sleuths think Microsoft sabotaged Windows Source Url: Story Text:

A report from the Enquirer says that Microsoft may have deliberately borked the XP registery on the Windows Media Player free version of XP it's been ordered to ship to the EU under anti-monopoly rulings.

Letter from a Blog Spammer

Source Title: Admits to blog spamming Source Url: Story Text:

Threadwatch member JasonD writes an open letter to a self proclaimed "spam hunter" about why he spams blog comments and what he's prepared to do about the problems his actions cause for bloggers. (introduction by Nick W)

Australian Search Engine in Dodgy Domain Reg Scandal

Source Title: Searcher twists name rules Source Url:,7204,12618818%5E15306%5E%5Enbv%5E,00.html Story Text:

Australian Search engine Ansearch finds itself in hot water over some particularly ill thought out domain name purchases.

Australian IT report that the fledgling search engine have registered a long listed of trademarked, branded domain names by using the tld - examples include and

Trouble Brewing over Google News Transparency

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Google News, fresh from being sued by the French press and subsequently backing down and pulling the AFP's stories, is right back in at the deep end. This time, the question of transparency comes up in relation to it's non-disclosed news sources and nazi websites being featured on the Search engine's algorithmic news portal.

Search Engines using Smoke and Mirrors to Hide Flaws

Source Title: X10 Free Website Ready Get in Line! Source Url: Story Text:

Over at the ABestWeb affiliate forums X10, who deal in consumer electronics, are announcing a new feature to their affiliate program: A free website, all ready to go. Some of the members are concerned over "duplicate content" penalties and the X10 rep steps in to dispel a few myths about Search engines and ranking penalties.

Google Getting Heavy with Google X Cloners

Source Title: Google Talks to Google X Clones Source Url: Story Text:

Barry Schwartz posts a translated french email allegedly sent from Google to one of the sites cloning the short lived Google X, Google's homage to OS X reported last week. The post is at SearchEngineJournal and the translation reads:

B.L. Ochman Responds to SES Conference Notes Row

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As i gave B.L. such a hard time in reporting legal concerns of SES speakers yesterday it seems only fair that we not leave her response simply as a comment in the original conversation. Here's what she had to say:

B.L. Ochman in SES Notes Scandal

Source Title: Conference Reports - Copyright Violations? Source Url: Story Text:

B.L. Ochman has been getting some bad press for hawking her notes from the recent Search Engine Strategies NYC - Is it legal, and would the notes even be credible from such a source?

Google gets Knickers in Twist with Colin Powell

Thread Title: Slice of life Thread Url: Thread Description:

At the start of the week Danny Sullivan exposed Google's underwear to the Search world by pointing out a bizzare transcript of a speach that detailed Sergey and Larry's plans(?) to branch GOOG out into the underwear biz...

Now, we find Google UI designer Karen Wickler has been flashing her knickers at Colin Powell of all people...

Life; Stranger than Fiction - TFIF

Did you miss Google X? You're in luck...

If you missed seeing the short lived Google X, which was a Google interface resembling the Apple OS X desktop interface, you're in luck:

Google X Mirror

Now, i've not been very happy with Google of late, over the Autostink debacle, but sheesh, if rumours and speculation prove true, and it turns out that Apple's over zealous lawyers have been set on this, then i will gladly hand over the medal of most evil, once cool corp, to them.

Quote: "Roses are red. Violets are blue. OS X rocks. Homage to you."

What's not to like about that?

Gmail going live

Thread Title: GMail out of Beta Thread Url: Thread Description:

UPDATE: See this screenshot at outer-court

AussieWebmaster at sew says that GMail has come out of Beta.

It looks the same to me in the UK but can anyone confirm it has changed for them?

Google gets a taste of it's own Autolink Medicine

Thread Title: Butler rewrites Google pages and adds functionality Thread Url: Thread Description:

Mark Pilgrim of has written a Firefox extention called Butler that dramatically alters the pages on many Google services. Features include:

removes ads on most Google pages fixes fonts on most Google pages Google web search: adds links to other search sites ("Try your search on...") in news results, adds links to other news sites in movie results, adds links to other movie sites in weather results, adds links to other weather sites in product results, adds links to other product sites Google image search: adds links to other image/photo/art sites Google News: adds links to other news sites Froogle: adds links to other product sites Google Print: Removes image copying restrictions adds links to other book sites Google Toolbar Firefox page: adds links to other Firefox-friendly toolbars Is it Spyware?

Mark asks if it's spyware? Why no, it's not!

No, Butler is not spyware. It does not track the pages you visit, display ads, hijack Amazon affiliate links, log keystrokes, steal passwords, set cookies, "phone home," or install any bundled software on your computer. It is simply a Firefox script that modifies a few Google services in ways that I find useful. If you don't like it, you can easily uninstall it.

Will Google Love it?

Of course they will, it's for the user right? and it seems to me that if those people want to block Google Ads and rearrange the pages, and if they want to go to other engines then they were going to do that anyway right Marissa?

Phishing gives way to pharming

Wired reports on the upsurge in pharming. Pharmimg has been around a while, but has apparently assumed new proportions of late. This could be an attempt to shock the web world into spending money on somebodys anti-pharming gizmo, but it does appear to be something worth looking at.

Quote: the latest cyberswindle, pharming, threatens to reel in entire schools of victims.

The most alarming pharming threat is via DNS poisoning. And this sums up neatly what it is

Quote: "Phishing is to pharming what a guy with a rod and a reel is to a Russian trawler. Phishers have to approach their targets one by one. Pharmers can scoop up many victims in a single pass," said Chris Risley, president and chief Quote: this past weekend would-be pharmers attempted to exploit a known vulnerability in Symantec's firewall, redirecting some users from eBay, Google and to three sites that attempted to install spyware on visitors' computers.

No doubt some TW readers who know more about DNS poisoning than I do can enlighten us further as to the seriousness of the threat.

AOL - All of your Conversations are Belong to Us!

Thread Title: AOL Eavesdrops, Grants Itself Permission To Steal Your AIM Conversations Thread Url: Thread Description:

Check out the new TOS for AIM

"In addition, by posting Content on an AIM Product, you grant AOL, its parent, affiliates, subsidiaries, assigns, agents and licensees the irrevocable, perpetual, worldwide right to reproduce, display, perform, distribute, adapt and promote this Content in any medium. You waive any right to privacy."

thanks susan

ihelpyou forum fallout continues

Thread Title: ihelpyou <cough>forum</cough> fallout continues Thread Url: Thread Description:

Rumours reach me of a exodus of moderators after the heated clash between Doug and Danny Sullivan [DS won via a technical KO 33 seconds into the 2nd round]. Word on the street is that some feel their association with said forum is "damaging" their standing within the commuinity. Pageoneresults rumoured to be amongst the leavers, makemetop to folow once he remembers he is still listed as a mod.

FTC Says Anti-Spyware Vendor Shut Down

Thread Title: FTC Says Anti-Spyware Vendor Shut Down Thread Url: Thread Description:

It has finally gone.... Now only another 1,004 to get.

The makers of Spyware Assassin tried to scare consumers into buying software through pop-up ads and e-mail that warned their computers had been infected with malicious monitoring software, the Federal Trade Commission said.

Big Billy G calls Brits Liars

Thread Title: Newly Knighted Bill Gates Calls Brits A Bunch Of Liars Thread Url: Thread Description:

Bill Gates, who was recently knighted, has released a study that says two thirds of British workers are liars

We know that Bill, but it's rude to point it out.

I'll bet that two thirds of that two thirds, are tech workers heh..