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Cameroon Launches Major Typo Campaign

try these:

didn't network solutions learn the first time around..oh wait.. not sure if i should be reporting this or buying these domains in bulk..i mistype the o in .com all the time..too bad the registration process involves mailing/faxing in your is available

[Rumor] MarketSmart Interactive = EmailSpam Interactive?

Rustybrick reports getting email spammed from the new Keyword Rankings.

Possible Shift in Google-Webmasters Communication Policy!

Possible Shift in Google-Webmasters Communication Policy! Have Googlers stopped announcing updates and posting weather reports?

UK Microsoft adCenter public opening mid August

A little MSN birdie told me that Microsoft adCenter will open to the general UK advertising public mid-August. This is earlier than I had previously heard.

Can anyone confirm that they have the sam

Google Bombing Becomes a Political Tactic

While the [miserable failure] Google bomb has existed for sometime with the accompanying Google explanation. In all honesty how many people were really searching for that term anyway. Now searching Senator [Rick Santorum] (NSFW) brings up a less than desirable result in the number two slot. Seems the senator made an unflattering remark about gay sex to start off the anti-santorum campaign. We've also got an urban dictionary and Wikipedia entry to round things out.

Google Adwords Bot Using Fake User Agent

So I'm working on trying to get a better handle on the new Adwords Quality changes and came across something very interesting this morning. I bought a new domain yesterday afternoon and last night created a landing page on it. I looked in the log file this morning and there were only 24 lines. Of those 18 were from my IP. The other 6 lines were from Google IP's, Now I'm aware that at some point all of the ads pass in front of human so one is a person the other is the adwords bot. According to Google the adwords bot uses [AdsBot-Google] as a user agent (see Adwords Support). Let me stress again this is a brand new domain with no external pre-existing links. The real clincher is the time of the first visit with the GoogleBot UA match almost exactly to when I submitted a new ad to adwords. You can see the sanitized logfile here.

Google: We're Irrelevant Go See Yahoo

In what's going to be a classic "bad data push" if I ever saw one, searching for [therapy products] on Google right now, they ask if you want to see the results for Yahoo (screen shot). Really makes you wonder what the heck is going on over at the plex lately doesn't it?

Guy Kawasaki RSS Feed Hijacking

While this probably isn't the first time it's happened it's probably the first time it's happened to an A-List Blogger like Guy Kawasaki. Here's the cliff notes version on hijacking a feedburner feed

GoogleTunes a possibility?

Following their now traditional route of pushing UI tweaks out there, and seeing if anyone notices it, Google seem to be adding yet another way to push organic results down the SERPs, and maybe sell some stuff, without seeming evil.

Matt Cutts is a 6 - 1 Underdog

I got a nice e-mail from Omar at, and I have to give them kudos on a nice campaign:

They've got odds running on who will be the top technorati blog on January 1st. Just as a disclosure, I'm not affiliated with these folks in anyway, I just thought it was a pretty cool link baiting idea.

CraigsList Spammin' and Jammin' Google with Subdomains

C'mon Google what's the deal, with subdomains? Want to see Craigslist really rockin the house with subdomains look up [queer forum], that's gotta be 95 out of the top 100!

More on Google Fever : Wikipedia Gets No Love

Yeah call me a lazy bastard but Wikipedia's index page is not in Google.

MSN sees it ok. Why is Google a bastard ? This may shed some light into that LinkVault thing too.

How to Get 5 Billion Pages Indexed in Less Than 30 Days

Seeing how this has hit the front page of Digg I'd say we're well past the stage of 'outing' someone's spam. So Looking up the whois data we see the domain was registered on May 31st 2006

Link Vault is banned. What's next ?

So the news: Link Vault is nowhere to be found.

Who's the next victim ? I speak no evil.

PS: They are still using Adwords.

VC Funding for a Blog?

Perhaps I am being a bit thick here, but why would Om Malik need to take VC funding to flesh out his blog? To me that has to seem like one of the dumbest things any blogger could do.

Here is a lesson for everyone, USE your god damn brain!

That's a quote from Some socially challenge cracker guessed Matt mullenweg's self-admittedly-lame password and go excited enough to play with himself. When that wasn't satisfying, he made a blog post about it:

Sergey Brin We're a Misunderstood Bunch of Wimps

First the boys at the plex admit they caved in when it came to China via

"We felt that perhaps we could compromise our principles but provide ultimately more information for the Chinese and be a more effective service and perhaps make more of a difference," Brin said.

From the 'outing' department

Don't forget to wipe your hard drive before you sell somebody an 'in perfect working condition' but actually defunct laptop. Or at least wipe the gay porn, the voyeur photos you've been taking of women on the train, and your various C.V.'s with conflicting information.

Is Firefox 2.0 a Google Mole?

The newest version of Firefox intends to have a Google spying mechanism built into the browser.

Anti-phishing capability, which Mozilla has branded "Safe Browsing," is one of the marquee features in Firefox 2.0 and one of the reasons a third alpha is necessary. Now baked into Firefox 2.0 alpha 3, Google Safe Browsing is triple-licensed under the Mozilla Public License (MPL) 1.1, the GPL 2.0 (define) and the LGLP (define).

Safe Browsing inspects a visited site against a regularly updated list of known phishing sites. The list of phishing sites may be downloaded automatically within the browser or can optionally be checked against Google's online list of known miscreants.

A while ago I noticed the new IE beta labeled one of my sites as a risky potential phishing site (although it had nothing but a general search box on it). Does Google consider you a miscreant? What happens if they do? Imagine if these companies ever compete in your market and accidentally destroy your brand. How much can we trust the new gatekeepers?

Lawsuit 2.0

In the mash up spirit of Web 2.0, Tim O'Reilly sent a cease and decist to a non profit wrongfully using the Web 2.0 trademark term.