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Wired Publishes Full Text of Government Snooping Docs

Wired published whistle-blower documents related to the AT&T & NSA spying coop. They also posted why they published them.

BBC Interviews Wrong Man on Apple vs Apple case

The BBC managed to interview a candidate for a job live on air about the Apple vs Apple case, instead of the IT expert they had booked

BBC News Story

Breaking News: Matt Cutts becomes a Rapper


Major news has hit the search engine industry today, which has all of the white-hat and black-hat geniuses buzzing about. Matt Cutts, one of Google’s top celebrity engineers has decided to quit dedicating his time posting on popular webmaster forum – to pursue his dreams of becoming a rapper.

Google Sued for Marketing Child Pornography

A while ago a few SEW forum members noted that Google briefly had child porn AdWords links. Unsurprisingly, a politician decided to sue Google:

A Spammer's Vendetta

TypePad being down recently was part of a larger ploy. An anti email spam company purportedly killed the earnings potential of a spammer, so he tried to do the same to them:

Google Hates SEO Software

After Web Position (a while back) and WebCEO got banned, it's SEO Elite's turn to get some.

Rumor: iPowerWeb Inc. Hosting Perfecting PPC Spam Subdomains?

A couple webmasters hosting with iPowerWeb recently noticed some mysterious subdomains full of spammy PPC ads.

Yahoo! Feeds Advertiser's PPC Ads to Spyware Companies

Reading Benjamin Edelman's website, I notice the very crucial piece of information about Yahoo! working with spyware providers.

Ben also wrote about the present issue some months back, and it seems that now he has returned with more examples and solid evidence to back his theory.

Google Getting Railed On Fox News For Pedo Man Boy Love

I just saw on Fox News Google was catching hell for there "Man Boy Love" rankings and sugestions.. Most references were to the NABLA website

Adware/Spyware Direct Revenue Exposed - Latest Evidence

I could literally write all day about this... and still, all you'd have is a summary!

Direct Revenue, have seemingly amassed many $millions from installing adware, spyware and all manner of other "wares" too.

Wanted : Spammer-in-chief for MSN

I was talking on the phone to one of the UK SEO Cabal yesterday, and he expressed some dissatisfaction with the endless round of spamming and cashing huge cheques. To my surprise, he suggested he's thinking about chucking it in, and going PAYE... and I started thinking : Who the hell could even think about employing someone at this level?

S&P Helps Hedge Funds Exit Goog Position

FuckedGoogle is closely following the addition of Google to the S&P 500, noting that contrary to what they officially state, S&P tries to time the market. Some speculate that the timing of this addition was due to Google closing in on the $285 price of their secondary public offering.

Google Caught in Linkbait Scandal

Explosive radio broadcast Monday, thousands of search results on Tuesday, no results Wednesday, live discussion on a radio program Thursday, 20 minutes later 100,000 results from thousands of websites.

Want to Put MSN Search on Blogger? You Can't.

From the company that embraces censorship comes....more censorship. Google apparently has told a blogger that he must remove an MSN search box from his blog on

Digg, Sun, and Google the Tale of Market Manipulation

I'm a regular user of Digg and I will admit I saw the four stories this week about the rumored purchase of Sun by Google (1, 2, 3, 4)I even thought about posting them here, but something felt "funny" so I held off. Silicon Valley Sleuth did a little more checking here's what they came up with Digg is used for stock manipulation

Best.. Adsense Abuse... Ever!

Step 1. Setup a MySpace profile with a pic of a cute teenage girl you found on someone's Flickr photostream

Step 2. Post the following message on thousands of profiles:

Netscape Rises Again + Blogs For Old People

Blog stuff, one. Netscape are to rise from the ashpit, proudly reinvented as a Diggy-bloggy-thingy, headed by one the Wanker's (of this parish) favourite folks - Jason Calacanis - according to To Be Relaunched As a Digg-Like Site; Calacanis Heading It

Are Yahoo quietly dropping sites using Google Analytics?

Why would Yahoo index the tracking code from Google Analytics?

Could it be they are quietly dropping sites running Analytics in order to protect industry-sensitive data from their main competitor's 'spy-in-the-site' tracking software?

15 Year Old Games Google News

Philipp has the story on how a 15 year old used a press release service to make it look like he was hired at google. I guess you can have the news say whatever you want these days;)

Quote: Apparently, you can get anything into Google News to make it look official by simply submitting a free press release with I-Newswire (I didn’t try to reproduce this myself). This press release hoax appeared in Google News:

People's Cube Banned - No Evil My Left Nut

According to People's Cube the Google thought police have banned them worldwide from all Google search.

At some point, quite recently, our popular site "The People's Cube" ( was purged from Google search results. MSN , Yahoo and other search engines still have it - but Google has erased/blocked any link to the site in its database.