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AdSense Spills the Beans on your Network

Jenstar points to "feature" in Adsense that allows you to do a little recon on someone's network of sites.

Google Logos not for Sale, But Homepage Advertising Could Be

Right there on you'll see an advertisement for "New! CSI and NBA on Google Video" which leads you to Google video where you can PAY to watch and download videos. Yes they have promoted other new services on the homepage but they were always free. This comes on the heels of a recent quote where they said they will never feature a commercial subject.

Norton Symantec - These Aren't the Rootkits you're Looking For

Following in the footsteps of the Sony Rootkit debacle the well known and wildly used Norton Symantec software was caught using rootkits:

Web Platforms to Destroy Traditional Financial Markets?

Sean Park, of Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein, recently created a narrative flash video similar to Epic 2014 but focused on financial markets.

Google to sell books?

Backed up by absolutely sod-all, this BBC story seems to be saying that Eric Schmidt hinted at an online Google book store. Or maybe the reporter hasn't a clue, as the piece goes on to talk about book-scanning and not book selling - Google mulls online book future.

Retooled Apple Laptops Coming Soon?

The Macworld expo is on. Rumors of their new laptop coming early are circulating:

It's Illegal to Annoy Me on the Internet

So according recently passed legislation, it's illegal to annoy someone on the internet

PHP Easter Egg

Want to see an Easter Egg in PHP, then just add [?=PHPE9568F36-D428-11d2-A769-00AA001ACF42] onto any url that works in PHP, like say for example Threadwatch, or Matt Cutts Blog. Now curiously Jeremy has a different picture, things that make you go hmmm ....

Cell Phone Call History for Sale...Cheap

Your privacy for sale...wholesale.

The telephone companies are not only sleazy for trying to make a two tier web, but some of them may be selling their customer data to outside sources.

Bill Clinton to Run Microsoft?

This one is so out there I can't see how it could possibly be true, but rumors floating around the CES show hint at the possibility

Google to Buy Monster.Com ?

Acccording to a story at CNN , Google could be ready to buy

Quote: The top search engine is preparing to formally roll out Google Base, a service that among other things will allow users to post job listings for free.

Some have speculated that Google could make an even bigger splash in the online classifieds business by acquiring Monster Worldwide, which runs the popular online job site

Is Google Testing Ads on Home Page?

Is Google testing ads on the home page, they are if you live in Belarus If you were listening to Danny Sullivan's daily Podcast you also may have heard him talk mention a chat he had with Marissa Mayer where she said they may consider putting ads on your personalized home page (Revisiting The "No Banners On Google" Declaration)

Top 10 spot may get german blogger sued

Philipp reports that a german blogger was threatened by a judge who was pissed because a blog post appeared in the top 10 for the court Sozialgericht Bremen.

Get Yer Google PC's Here ...

If there's still any doubt that the Google wants to be the internet, there's a rumor that Google is in negotiations with Walmart to sell cheap PC's, possibly known as "Google Cubes", that connect you to the internet. Google's Larry Page may even announce the details in his CES keynote address this week in Las Vegas. via Los Angeles Times

Rumor: Wikipedia to Sell Out?

Wikipedia, Google's favorite content site may carry ads soon.

The combination of ultra-low overheads and massive readership would excite any media executive. And while the site does not carry any advertising, Wales admits it might. "There is a great deal of resistance to the idea, both from the community and from me. But at some point questions are going to be raised over the amount of money we are turning down," he says.

Brands are Spammin' and a Cover Up?

A few weeks ago, a guy named Robert Medford sent out a press release regarding Fortune 500 companies who were using hidden text to apparently spam the search engines.

Guerrilla Warfare in SEO Contests

Everbody rembers the Nigritude Ultramarine contest from a few years ago, well the concept is coming back, and with a plot twist. CEO Warns Us About Drugs, Dead Bodies and Sith Lords

Not sure if Patrick Byrne is crazy like a fox or just plain crazy, but he's made some statements recently that are pretty far out there The Register

Danny Sullivan: Yes Virgina There is a Google Sandbox

Everyone's been endlessly debating the is there/is there not a Google Sandbox debate, and Matt's cleared things up with a few hints there is the remote possibility that there might be something that is vaguely sandbox-like-ish. Danny Sullivan steps up to the plate and calls a spade a spade in a comment on Search Engine Watch thread Is There A Google Sandbox?

Browsers Beware: Windows Metafile is the New ActiveX

MicroSoft is investigating a claim that a Vulnerability in Graphics Rendering Engine Could Allow Remote Code Execution, and are using the situation to push their anti spyware software.