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Has to time arrived to Break up Google?

The big question asked: Is it time to break up Google?

New York Business Owner Arrested for Sending Google Forged Court Orders to Remove Negative Reviews and SERP Results

Man oh man oh man - this is pretty sleazy. A New York business owner received a court injunction in 2012 to get some negative reviews removed from Google search results.

Mobile-First And the Link Graph

You probably already know this, but the mobile web uses a lot less links than the "desktop" web.

More Evidence That Disavow Files Are Not as Valuable as They Used to Be?

With the way automated Penguin works (by devaluing incoming links) webmasters have been asking for months about their disavow files. Are they still useful? Should they still be maintained?

Fact Checking Rich Snippets Come to Google

To fight fake news and "alternative facts," Google is highlighting other fact checking sources in rich snippets for certain queries.

Organic Mobile Traffic is Hard to Get!

A member of WebmasterWorld makes a good point - there are some big differences between mobile and desktop SERPs. Mainly, mobile SERPs have had the crap monetized out of them.

Watch Your Store Locator Popups

...if they're too big, Google might consider them to be intrusive interstitials.

Fred is Confirmed as a "Quality Update," But Not Everyone is Buying That

Well...everyone seems to have interpreted John Mueller's comments as confirming that it is a quality update anyway.

Google Wants the Mobile First Index to Launch "Quality Neutral"

That basically means that they want to make sure the mobile first index won't negatively impact search results.

Your Forums Are Probably Not Bringing Your Site Down

Think that your forums and the loose, user-generated content generated there is bringing your whole site down?

Google Has Updated Their Quality Rater Guidelines with Info About Fake News, Dubius Claims, and Clickbait

Curious about how Google is planning to tackle hate sites, fake news, and misleading information?

Have You Met Fred?

Google's latest update was jokingly named "Fred," as a dig at SEOs who like to name every "big" thing that happens in the SEO sphere.

Google's Ranking Factors May Not Always Be Constant

If you think all sites are weighed the same way for every query, you might be in for a surprise.

Why Has Google STILL Not Fixed Their Direct Answers?

Fake, weird, bizarre, and misleading information is still showing up in Google's direct answers and knowledge graphs.

Aaron Wall on Google Squeezing Organic Out (Nov 2016, but worth reading again)


DMOZ: The Open Directory Program, Will Close on March 14, 2017

Directories have been waning in strength and authority for years, but DMOZ was always a "last bastion" sort of site. Even DMOZ, today, isn't what it once was.

Large recent DA drop? 3+ full points. Possible cause per Rand @Moz

I track about 200 sites in the small business / marketing / social media / tech niche and almost all of them saw about a 3+ point drop in DA all at the same time. 

Ahrefs: SEO Mythbusters: Top marketers share the most counterintuitive SEO truths

The internet

The February 7th Update May Have Been Phantom

The Phantom strikes again! Google's Phantom menace! Alright, that's enough of that I guess.

Google's Mobile First Index is Still Trundling on Towards a Launch

I was actually under the mistaken impression that tests for the mobile-first index were already live. Oops!