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SEO Events Calendar

I added an SEO events calendar to TW and SEO Book. Anyone can add it to their site by inserting this iframe into a page:

Old Mods Don't Die, They Just Fade Away

Its the weekend, so something for anyone at a loose end to think about. My thought was promted by Heather's post in her thread earlier this week

Quote: I was a mod at WmW for years. Guess I didn't make that much of an impact.

Computers Don't Do Jokes

Ex-Guardian editor (major UK broadsheet newspaper for any non-Brits out there) Peter Preston muses on how search is killing the pun-packed headline - [url=http://technology.guardian.co.uk/online/searc

Introduce Yourself Part 6

Welcome to Threadwatch, if you've not said hi, please do so here. We've been through 5 of these threads (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) already, and have somehow even managed to lose the first one (I think it was around moving the site to a new sever when the database crashed).

Scoble Jets From Microsoft - Signs of Further Decay of the Beast

Well Microsoft lost Robert Scoble, their star blogger, to a start up company called PodTech.

SES LondonSEO Piss-Up

For any people either heading to SES London this week or just in the London area, the London SEO boys are throwing a piss-up in original pubcon style.

Aussies catching up fast on the non-Cons

Damn, they're going to do 2 in June. http://www.stealthcon.com/

I'm to give the keynote in Sydney. Schedule:

5:00 Stealthcon opens 5:01 RC's keynote: All I know about SEO 5:02 Bar is open.

Mike Grehan Interviews Matt Cutts

Via SEOMoz, in a recent interview of Matt Cutts Mike Grehan got the following spambox info:

Matt and Danny on SEO Rockstars

Tonight on SEO Rockstars in about 15 minutes or so you will be able to hear Danny grill Mr Cutts.

That AdamGuy Really Was A Google Mole

Mr Cutts blog today welcomes Adam Lasnik back in from the cold. Google have hired Adam, as a leg man for Matt. For those of you with shorter memories than mine, re-read this TW thread WMW members suspect a Google Mole in which Adam is named as a Google mole over a year ago (Feb 2005).

Plenty of Stories....

Shoemoney called out the owner of PlentyOfFish, claiming he scraped content to build his dating site then used fake stories of wealth to attract blogger buzz to promote his site. Markus threatened to sue Shoemoney, so it could get ugly.

Kid-Friendly Search Engines

With the headline Kid-Friendly Search Engines, The Washington Post has repackaged a sales brochure for NetTrekker, an Internet filtering (censorship?) tool aimed at the US Elementary School market.

Best Conference Gear?

I've got so many crappy T-shirts from conferences that I could do my best Aaron Wall dress-alike for three weeks and never do laundry once.

Yet throught the years I've picked up some decent stuff at conferences (never from the big players though, go figure). My favourites:

Narc On The Man - Get 36k++

Interesting story with the BSA. Basically you Narc on your boss for pirating software and you get paid... Looks like they are targeting UK specifically... I heard employees from some Bronco company are firing up some emails =P

TW: What is "On Topic" - or not?

Okay, I'd just like to throw this one to the wolves as I'm very much in doubt. So, mods and fellow members, what's your take?

I read the thread 9/11 Conspiracy theories and mainstream TV and not being from the US I thought it was interesting, but a rather "harmless" subject to discuss, as it happens all over the place. Like, say if the lunar landing was a fake or not, or if they really got those aliens in Area 51 - that type of discussion: Classic tinfoil; good clean controversial entertainment.

Wikitravel Gets Filthy Lucre

Press Release

Internet Brands, Inc, a leading operator of media and e-commerce sites for "large ticket" consumer purchases, today announced the acquisition of Wikitravel (www.wikitravel.org) and World66 (www.world66.com), two leading community travel guides of up-to-date, traveler-focused content. The sites are growing exponentially, collectively attracting more than 2 million visits per month, more than triple a year ago.

Exclusive: Tony Gwynn Wears Yankees Uniform

Or at least the equivalent has happened in the search blogging world... Peter D, creator of the original Search Engine Blog, is now blogging for V7N.

Congrats to Danny, Who is Older Than Dirt, In a Good Way :)

Danny just turned a decade in search years. Here is a recap of the last decade of his writings.

Congrats Danny. I wish the next decade shines just as bright for you.

Help Jen Name Her Name

Congrats to Jen, who recently got her own show on WebmasterRadio.fm. She needs a name for the show though, so give her your suggestions.

RFID license plates - targeted billboard ads and worse

This week I heard a segment on NPR about a British company which has begun embedding RFIDs in license plates. Here's an old article about it.