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Kidmercury: New TW Editor

Simit, also known as Kidmercury, has joined us as the newest TW editor. :)

Bob Massa Interview

No doubt interviews are currently the hottest form of spam on the SEO circuit, but this one is good.

For the novice I would say, lay a little lipstick on the asses of those who can help you meet your personal objectives, then wipe the shit off your lips and get to work.

TrueLocal Cloned Down Under

TW friend BakedJake has worked hard to build up the TrueLocal brand, but that did not stop some Australian news outfit from cloning the brand and launching TrueLocal.com.au.

Traffic Power Case Updated

Traffic Power finally made specific claims against TrafficPowerSucks.com. Please read further if you think you have any information that may be able to help TrafficPowerSucks gather facts to refute Traffic Powers claims.

The claims are in the extended section of the post

Mr Cutts Slumming It

Matt Cutts will be, presumably, coked-up with a cucumber in his strides for his meet with the SEO Rarkstars on Monday 31st January. Post questions on Oilman's blog.

Who Spiked My Search History?

With all the hoopla associated with the DOJ wanting search data many people are posting about how to search anonymously. No matter what they do most users will still end up getting tracked somehow.

DaveN on Monetizing Blogs

DaveN has been trying to come up with ways to monetize his blogs. Looks like he is getting desperate. He even pulled out the 10 foot tall Paul Paul Gardi character.

ThreadWatch "Cheeky"?

"You can be cheeky, like Threadwatch, or you can be incredibly earnest." - Matt Cutts According to Matt Cutts, ThreadWatch is "cheeky". I would have put ThreadWatch in the "earnest" category myself.

Dan Gillmor's Bayosphere folds

TW: Dan Gillmor's Grass Roots Media Project Launches

From Dan: A Letter to the Bayosphere Community

Spam or Not: the SEO Death Match

Snipermilk recently created an SEO death match on Ning.

Baby Euro!

Jan Duffy-King, also known as Eurotrash, recently had a baby girl by the name of Rowan.

Congrats Euro. Hope all is well at the Euro household.

Webguerrilla...Will The Rockstar Please Step Forward!

Greg Boser has stepped up to take the reigns next to his new co-host Todd "Oilman" Friesen...as this years newest SEO Rockstar.

Mike Grehan Spanks Mr Angry

It looks like Mike Grehan did not want to let UK Gimp have all the fun! Mike Grehan replied to the criticisms of his recent ClickZ article and spanked Andy Hagans in the process.

From this day forward Andy will be known as:

Mr Angry, the aggressive guy

Hell Froze Over? Every SEO is a Blogger?

So not only does Brett Tabke have a blog in his Robots.txt file, but DaveN, Oilman and Web Guerrilla blog, and I just read blogging tips from Patrick Gavin (and I think he has only made like 3 blog posts ever hehehe).

Slashdot Dies

Jeremy Zawodny recently made a post about 2006 being the year Slashdot dies to upstarts like Redit and Digg. Almost as if on que, Slashdot added nofollow to submitter links.

Yahoo! Offers Free Haircuts, Car Washes, Oil Changes, Massages & More.

As part of their employee perk package!

For the first time, Yahoo! made Fortune's top 100 companies to work for, at #73.


Fortune magazine quotes:

Feedback Friday on Matt Cutts Blog

So you got a gripe about Google head on over to Matt Cutts blog and let him know about it, he's looking for feedback on the following topics:

Webspam Search quality Products/features Webmaster services Communication/Goodwill

SEO Ghosts Come Back

DigitalGhost is back in the SEO game

MySpace Founders Interviewed

Forbes.com interviewed the founders of MySpace. Listening to feedback and allowing commercial messages helped their social network grow faster than competing sites.

SEO B List: Making the Cut

Andy Hagans offers tips on how to make the SEO B list.

The SEO community is nepotistic, (curiously?) slow-changing, and, above all, tacky. Take it from me, a (fringe) SEO B-lister: making it in the SEO community isnt easy.