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Broadcast Blogs are Not Blogs

Thread Title: Blog With Us Thread Url: http://weblogs.jupiterresearch.com/analysts/schatsky/archives/006907.html Thread Description:

Question: What do you call a blog without comments enabled?

Answer: A website!

Jupiter need to get their act together, they keep bragging about how long they've been blogging but to my mind, it's just a website that publishes often, unless you enable discussion.

They dont allow trackbacks They dont allow comments They do want you to write for them for free


I can just about live with the SEW blog as although you can't comment, you can at least trackback Danny and Gary, but the analyst blogs suck for communication, it's just broadcast.

And that ain't what it's all about...

Google's Communication Strategy - Wrong, wrong, wrong!

As i navigate around the blogosphere, and the Search forums i keep hearing the same thing: "Google is not part of the conversation". This is true, in fact, they couldn't be any more out of the conversation, and one has to wonder what the hell they think they're doing?

Google are at the absolute bleeding edge of technology, but what about public relations, communication and participation? The Autolink debacle is a classic example, everybody is talking about it except Google and by not being part of the debate, and not being seen to participate and interact with their users, Google look more and more cold, and corporate everyday. They are being compared to Microsoft on a daily basis, yet as Doc Searles pointed out recently, even Microsoft eventually listened to thier customers and backed down from Smart Tags.

Follow the title link for the full post.

Ebay Battles CraigsList - Good Domains Hard to Find

Thread Title: eBay's Stealthy New Classified Ads Site Thread Url: http://www.businessweek.com/the_thread/techbeat/archives/00000067.htm Thread Description:

BusinessWeek reports on eBays sneaky entry into the free classifieds and community market that CraigsList dominates.

The service, launched in 50 cities across 6 countries is called kijiji.com which if nothing else, goes to proove that finding good domain names is a tough business lol!

Following scattered rumors, AuctionBytes.com offers a bit of detail on Kijiji.com, which is a new network of classified ads that eBay quietly launched in six countries. The stated goal: to "bring back more of the 'village' feeling in our own communities." Although none of the country sites, from Japan to Germany, is in English, it looks like there are few listings so far. But eBay has been steadily moving into classifieds with the purchase of Netherlands' Marketplaats, Germany's Mobile.de, the housing rental site Rent.com, and a 25% stake in Craigslist.

eBay own 25% of CraigsList already...

Threadwatch member numbers

Just curious, as the thing about this site is the quality of people who use it and contribute to the threads. Would Nick keep the major contributors but remove the lurkers, who contribute nothing?


The Diminishing Slashdot Effect

Thread Title: Less Impact from the "Slashdot Effect" Thread Url: http://www.businessweek.com/technology/content/mar2005/tc2005032_0932_tc119.htm?campaign_id=rss_techn Thread Description:

BusinessWeek are running a piece on Slashdot's diminishing "slashdot effect" - citing analysts and site owners they're saying that a link from the grandfather tech site no longer means what it once did to the sites it links to.

They blame the resurgence of tech related sites, paricularly blogs:

How can this be? The number of news sites Slashdot is linking to has skyrocketed. And that has reduced the impact Slashdot can make on each individual site's traffic. The number of tech news sites, run by traditional media companies, reaches 360 today, up 20% from 300 just one year ago, according to Hitwise. These sites have proliferated following a revival in U.S. online ad spending, which is projected to grow by more than 20% in 2005, to more than $11 billion, according to e-commerce consultancy eMarketer.

BLOG INVASION. The end result is a watering down of the Slashdot effect. Readers are still jumping from Slashdot to other sites. Indeed, Slashdot probably has more readers than ever, but they're going out into a far larger Internet news world. While their impact on the Web as a whole is still significant, the effect on individual sites or even particular stories is a lot less than it used to be.

One thing they don't note, that i think is important is the way we view, find and share information - closed groups are somewhat passe - just look at some of the larger group websites out there: The walled garden is gone - and whereas i'd love a link from Slashdot, i'd not expect the boost in traffic to come from there alone.

Slashdot appears to me to be a closed group. What's happening is this:

Blog A picks up a story Blog B posts a link to Blog A, adding some more info Blog C picks up blog B's post and cite's blog B as the link Dont ya see? It's the blog as network

We can't say exactly how the trick is done, but we understand the basics: a network, a message-passing protocol, nodes that aggregate inputs and produce outputs. The blog network shares these architectural properties. Its foundation network is the Web; its protocol is RSS; its nodes are bloggers. These ingredients combine in ways that are not yet widely appreciated.

Dougal Evil Toolbar V3 BETA

Thread Title: Dougal Evil Toolbar V3 BETA Thread Url: http://www.dougaltoolbar.com/ Thread Description:

Ok, I've been sitting on this a couple of days while the developer messed around getting it just right: Dougal Evil Toolbar Version 3 BETA

It's not me :) If i'd been able to code that, i'd have put my whois on it, we've already been loud enough about the Google Autolink Toolbar so what harm one more? The Threadwatch member who wrote it runs an SEO business with clients to worry about though.

So, in fear of his rankings, he wants to remain anonymous.

Things to see and do... You need to run it in Explorer - just like the real thing! Try it on the Google Blog Remember to hit "AutoThink" when you've reached the page Check out all the RED LINKS Then check out all the links at the top right of the page They're quite amusing :) Pass it on, it's fun, and non-profit :)

Thanks Agent X - very, very funny heh...

Happy St. David's Day

Spring is almost here, but winter is still with us and I feel like death warmed up with a stinking cold (but I am a guy, so that probably means I've sneezed twice and that's it) so it must be St David's Day the Welsh national's patron saint and day of remembrance.

As the dafs pop their head through the frozen ground I simply wanted to share my snotty hanky with the world in wishing the Taffs a great day.

Scrapers and Crap directories

Having just got in from a night out and looking at what is around, thought I would throw in this WMW thread called "Scrapers and Crap directories" for your contemplation. The Original Poster sets a theme that has been discussed here a number of times

Quote: Scrapers and negligible-value-directories have been capitalizing on adsense since the start. But...I just did a google search for my own keywords and another search on my domain name (instead of clicking "Find web pages that link to" I chose "Find web pages that contain the term") and was stunned at how many of these things (euphemism for parasite) I found.

Almost none of these sites offers any user-value and few have any chance whatsoever of surfacing in serps based on pagerank, anchortext, or any other seo variable. Which leads me to suspect that the majority of clicks being generated by these sites are suspect at the very least.

It astounds me that google continues to let this crap go on. Who suffers? Presently advertisers and publishers (advertisers lowering bids due to smaller ROI). But, at some point, how can this not affect google? This is a branding problem that yahoo/overture are not indulging in themselves.

About 50 posts in 24 hours, so its a lively topic. Not sure that it will actually solve anything, but it certainly is getting them going.

Over and out

The BBC, Blogs, Forums and Wiki's

Not the usual TW fayre, but i have an enormous respect for the BBC - One of the oldest and most repected communications firms in the world.

And it's not just 'cos im British heh..

I think this piece on the Beeb's use of blogs , forums, wikis and social networking says a lot. Most big media are still desperately trying to deny a massive shake up in the way we all communicate - but the BBC, ancient as it is, is embracing the new technology and all of it's social implications.

Great stuff, and thanks om

I'm back

I've been out all morning, lots of fun and games in my absense i see!

If you think anything is amiss, please check your pm's - i've had to do a little tidying up :)

Religion, Polictics, and.....


Should ethics be lumped in with all the other crazy topics that cause mayhem.

I have seen a great number of decent threads, not just here, but everywhere, de-railed when ethics got in the way when it reared its head.

I am not saying that ethics are bad or that people should not think about them and apply different ones to suit their chosen way of life.

But do we have to degrade to ethics every time? Sometimes it is not just about ethics, there are more interesting things to discuss/think about.

New Search Technologies Forum Launched

Thread Title: SEOChat Search Technologies Forum Thread Url: http://forums.seochat.com/forumdisplay.php?f=65 Thread Description:

SEOChat have launched a new Search Technologies Forum and Randfish is moderating - Rand thinks that i think he's a prat, but he's only half right, one of his recent posts (i forget where) inspired me to rant on about what i see as useless posturing on IR, but it's not limited to just him :-)

Congratulation to Rand then, who does make a compelling argument for the Value of Search Technology & IR Research Papers to the Common SEO in his inaugural post as mod there...

There, im not a total bastard ok? heh...

Alpha-Beta-Theta bloggers realize they are just consumables

Scoble, get back to the keyboard. You're blogosphere's not through with you. http://radio.weblogs.com/0001011/2005/02/16.html#a9454

MySpace.com lands $5M in Venture

Thread Title: Intermix Completes Previously Announced Investment in MySpace Inc Thread Url: http://biz.yahoo.com/prnews/050215/latu077_1.html Thread Description:

Youth Social Network MySpace $$$'s in on $5M from Redpoint Ventures - as PC say the social network thing is cooling down right now, maybe that'll be the last for a while...

IP Banning - Something I'd hoped to avoid...

Well, i guess it was naive of me to think (well, hope..) that everyone would always be cool and the worst thing i'd have to do would be to have a word with someone in private for overstepping the mark heh..

This morning, i found a charming comment on one of the threads here - real racicist shite that offended me greatly. Generally speaking a quiet word and explanation is all it takes to put someone on the same track as i am with regard to Threadwatch and i've not really had to do much of that either. This chap however, did not, in my opinion, warrant the courtesty of the benefit of the doubt and a polite word - i banned the MF outright and am currently redirecting his IP to this charming picture heh..

MF wanna be rasicst on TW? The stupidity is awe inspiring...

There was no damn drupal module for IP bans to my amazement, i had to hardcode it into the main script - but now, with that little caper out of the way i guess im going to have to write somethng to accomadate situations like this - it's such a shame...

Anyway, just wanted to get that off my chest, show off my nice picture and open up for discussion of what to do with really offensive posts - thoughts welcome...

Forum Owner Alert - Qaix.com - Content Theft

Thread Title: www.qaix.com Thread Url: http:/******/www.qaix.com Thread Description:

Heads up if you own a large forum - the guys at devshed just pinged me about http:/*/www.qaix.com use the google search at the top of the site to check out if they're nicking your content.


When Communities get too Big

Thread Title: I want my internet back damm it Thread Url: http://www.webmasterworld.com/forum9/8470.htm Thread Description:

Webmasterworld members are discussing some of the problems facing one of the webs largest webmaster communities - the thread is homepaged aswell, which came as a surprise...

Much of the discussion centers around these issues:

Google discussions are a "whinefest" and not useful Many of the more knowledgeable members have left, or are not sharing anymore Constant repetition of newbie questions

Some time back we had a great discussion on the dreaded bell shaped curve that faces many communities and i must say, im most impressed that webmasterworld are discussing the growth problem there as front page news

Is there any way to handle such problems?

So, can anyone suggest:

What the solutions may be for a forum community that is in this kind of undesirable position Ways to premptively handle the problem for new communities?

Good reading for sure...

Threadwatch Forum - Is it Time?

Ok guys, this gets asked a LOT - but maybe now it's time...

Should we open up discussions to questions and normal forum like posts? - i can keep 2 recent posts lists as we do at the moment when the redesign is finished - one for blogged posts (ie - the best of the best) and one for *everything*

Im thinking the benefits may be:

Greater breadth of discussion Able to find good topics to blog easier (from Q's and discussions in forum) Better community building

and the downside would be

Increased moderatoin workload Noisier - though i will still remove noob stuff as per the TW ethos of less nose and pro-level discussion

Let me know what you guys think eh?

Quiet out there wasn't it?

Hi all,

i like to post a thread on saturdays just to take the edge off the amazing quantity of pure dullness that abounds on the net at weekends but this weekend has been particularly eventful heh..

Anyway, in between playing silly buggers with domain names i've been working really hard on the redesign for this place again - it's nearly there! The basic stuff is done and im now fine tuning some usability stuff like "back to top" links and other dull but ultimately essential stuff for this place.

Did i tell you we're going to put members homepages on the actual threads they submit? Maybe, got a feeling i mentioned that last week - well, with a little help from ukgimp i've got that down smart now - if the post is promoted to the homepage then the members website shows up on the post itself on the basis that if it's good enough to go there, ppl might have an interest in seeing the site of the author - nice touch i think :)

Oh, and i finally succumbed to peer presure and opened a gmail account heh! thanks adam and paul for the invites..

Go on, your turn... Come on then, you must have been doing something more interesting than THAT this weekend. Let's hear about it...

Russell Beattie Bans Threadwatch

UPDATE: Check the end of the post for some more on this sorry tale...

Im not sure why, but it appears that "A list" Yahoo! blogger Russell Beattie has banned me from his website. I cant access it without a proxy and my comments inquiring if there is a problem have not been published or answered in email.

I did leave a long and thoughtful comment on this entry a few days back that did not agree with what Russell was saying - it wasn't rude, or in any way shape or form nasty, but it did disagree with his thoughts on the subject. The comment i spent 45 minutes writing was not published.

Is that the source of contention and the reason for being IP blocked?

What do you do with comments that do not agree with your point?

Other than a personal post to publically inquire as to what's going on with Russell there is a larger and more interesting point to all this: How do you handle posts and comments that do not agree with your view on subjects?

For my part, i love the debate - i enjoy the discussions here and at most other places where a group of people all tackle an issue or topic from differing angles and perspectives, even if they're vastly different to my own. This is a good thing. It's what makes the whole interactive discussion on blogs and forums actually worth reading, at least for me.

Exceptions With companies there might be exceptions, and with normal forum and blog comments also. Clearly if someone is simply out to discredit a company or product it's unwise to leave the comment standing, unless the misperception, if that's what it is, can be quickly and authoratively dealt with.

These topics tie in nicely with discussions we've recently had on moderating online communities and how to handle mistakes as dealing with unwanted criticism is all part and parcel of running a website with comments enabled.