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I blame spammy email pitches for taking 1 hours of my life daily...

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Ok, this is an old article but I couldn't resist. I mean, how can you resist spreading a message like this? Just read this:

Most marketers hate Google+

Corey O'Laughlin at MarketProfs Daily Fix has posted the results from an informal poll asking marketers if t

Foursquare Rolls out Self-Serve Advertising

Foursquare is the latest website to build their own advertising platform.

Twitter fakes real users’ tweets to promote ad platform

It’s now been removed but twitter added tweets to “real” twitter accounts for a promo ad of how good the company integrates with TV ads. 

SFgate posted:

Facebook testing a prompt for page updates

It looks like just getting folks to "Like" your business page is no longer going to be enough.

Google+ Caught Spamming People Every 2 Weeks

Google is on a really big push nowadays to get users to sign up for Google+, and to fill out their profile completely.

Reddit Removes Atheism and Politics from the Front Page, Announces new Default Sub-Reddits

In a not-to-surprising move, Reddit has removed /r/atheism from the default home page of the website.

Instagram adds embed feature for Videos and Images

I'm not an Instagram user, probably because I'm too old to enjoy seeing my food in Sepia filter, mostly because I got my fill of that by watching the Wonder Years.

What does it feel like to go viral?

Reading this post about accidentally going viral and how it hard then to get rid of the fear that was your hugest accomplishment in life (and it pa

Social media's role in customer service - big brands clue in

Big companies NEED to use social media as a customer service tool.  Social media works best for carrying on a conversation, not for sales, so this isn't surprising.

Hashtag support finally comes to #Facebook

It took long for Facebook to adapt to this user-invented phenomenon: hashtags.

G+ isn't a social network, but you knew that, right?

Excellent piece  out of the UK explaining a plausible version of why G+ exists.  It's not a social network, and to think of it that way is to mislead yourself.  The article suggests


The Interwebs
United States

1 in 10 16-34 year olds not hired because of stupid social media activities

Want a job then watch out what you post on social media!

It most likely the images and videos that put potential employers/hr off. 

Google + is still not winning brands over...

 So,  that is no suprise: http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/05/12/net-us-google-social-idUSBRE94B04W20130512 .

The Science of Retweets

Dan Zarrella loves to dissect vast numbers of social media posts to determine which language seems to be the most effective. His latest effort is summarized here:

Facebook Users from the US, UK, Mainland Europe and Japan Are Leaving

Social networking users get tired of Facebook & seek alternatives The Guardian re

AP twitter account hacked dropping dow by 100 points

The power of a single twitter account has hit an all time high with the hacked tweet yesterday from @ap saying "Breaking:Two Explosion

Google Brings Google+ Comments To Blogger

Still trying to make G+ relevant, Google has rolled out G+ comments for Blogger blog users. It's a simple turn on in the Blogger admin panel. 

Cyber Bullying and Social Media

As we continue to embrace social media in our daily lives, we often forget how it can be misused.  This editorial from CNN caught my eye this morning.