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Is Digg Using Secret Moderators to Censor It's Users

Neil Patel at Pronet Advertising published an expose on how Digg is using unseen and unamed moderators to control which stories get promoted to it's homepage.

Why We Need to Ignore Jason Calacanis

We've all had this love hate relationship with Jason Calacanis for quite some time. However there's a time to stop giving him attention as Danny points out in From My Inbox: More Defense Of SEO

How Would You Undo the Google FUD and Brainwashing

Since the Getting Brainwashed By Google commentary got rather bogged down let's try something different. How would you undo the Google brainwashing and overall FUD campaign. How would you educate the web publishing community and maybe even the more sophisticated users that what's in Google's best interests isn't necessarily in their best interest, and just maybe they should look the Google trojan horse in the mouth.

Diggers Mad at Digg

So for those of you who aren't frequent visitors to Digg, there's a story that's been circulating all week on Digg and other hacker websites where HD-DVD decryption keys were posted.

Wikipedia: World's Largest Link Scam

Techcrunch takes a look at how nofollow on all outbound Wikipedia links is being selectively applied, noting that the for profit Wikia sites are given direct links.

Las Vegas WebmasterWorld Pubcon vs Chicago Search Engine Strategies

Barry noted that WMW Vegas and SES Chicago overlap in December.

SES Chicago starts on December 3rd and runs through the 6th. PubCon starts on December 4th and runs through the 7th.

Which will you be attending?

YouTube Gets Political - Launches CitizenTube

YouTube wants to know: 'What issue matters most to you?

Peace Out Threadwatch!

I am officially resigning as a Threadwatch editor. I have a hard time relating or writing for this audience. I write things as I learn them and to most Threadwatch readers they are more like a "duh".

Everyone is Going Interactive, and it is Dumb

The Onion added video news, which is fun, but most of this interactive stuff is garbage. MarketWatch added a stock predictor which allows you to vote if a stock will go up or down that day - wow.

Anonymous Death Threats, Just for Fun

In a market where people will do anything for 15 seconds of fame some people take it a bit too far.

Social marketing shortcut - Open source community

via techcrunch:

Consumating ( the worst men to women ratio community online ...)

will release all of its code:

Seems Paul Ginsparg nailed it

"The problem with the global village is all the global village idiots." Paul Ginsparg

Mob rule overruns Reddit

Crap, I liked reddit, too.

New Bill Would Force MySpace Age Check

Yesterday a guy was sentenced to prison for 14 years for using MySpace.com to set up a sexual encounter with an 11-year-old Connecticut girl. Today Connecticut lawmakers introduced a new bill that would require MySpace.com and other social-networking sites to verify users' ages and obtain parental consent before minors can post profiles.

Blog readers are loyal and expect good writing

Ad Age and Vizu Answers conducted a new study on blog readership. The study showed that that blog readers are loyal, trusting and eager for entertainment. Most readers read the same blogs regularly. According to the study two thirds of study respondents read more than three blogs per day. Similar number of respondents indicated that they read for entertainment. Over half of the respondents judged the quality of the information on bloggs by the quality of the writing.

And The Winner Is...

A James Beard Foundation's page about the real Dave Pasternack.

On the PPC side, the editors voted for Graywolf's AdWords ad.

Digg puts the 'disease' in Social

Wired: I Bought Votes on Digg

Quote: CEO Jay Adelson told me before I conducted this experiment that all the groups trying to manipulate Digg "have failed," and that Digg "can tell when there are paid users."

OUCH, hutcheson!

Quote: "Resource" is an encomium bestowed only by users; "authority" is bestowed only by previously recognized authorities. Anyone who calls himself either one, is just an ego with vocal chords.


Techdirt editorial: Why People Are Such Jerks Online

Why People Are Such Jerks Online

Truth be told, and excuses aside, I suspect that one's online personality is cutting pretty close to the core.

SEO Days Launches

DaveN, Greg Boser, and Jen Slegg are launching a 2 day SEO conference series named SEO Days.

LinkedIn: I'm not a joiner by nature...

...but I gotta admit, I'm impressed.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not getting all warm-n-fuzzy about social networks, 99% don't have a snowball's chance in hell and I'd assigned LinkedIn to that category. When I joined up (I think over 2 years ago, but couldn't find a date field in the profile), I didn't see much critical mass, and promptly bailed out. I figured the profile would die. It didn't, evidently, and I was ping'd a day or two ago by an old friend in the SEO industry.