SEO tools and technologies - typical subject matter would include RSS and CMS systems

Why Google likes open source

Google's Open Source Progam Manager, Chris DiBona has answered to Gnome's marketing list why GOOG likes open source. Story comes from qgils blog

Firefox 1.5 Woohoo!

We've been warming up to this, but now the wait is over! Thanks to Digg, i see Firefox 1.5 is out!

Foil Content Theft, Rank for Nothing

From the fucking stupid ideas department comes word via Rochelle of HideText. Put all your content as images and foil content theives! Bargain: Also make your site inaccessible to spiders and many users too! - Nutters...

Block Google Analytics cookies

Firefox extension CustomizeGoogle 0.39 has a new optional feature that blocks all Google Analytics cookies, on any website.

CMS Review: CityDesk -- It's Great, Bugs 'N All


Maybe "review" wasn't the right phrase (too much work to write all it can do), "powertool recommendation" might be better as I'd rather answer a few general questions for the one or two here who can hear, ummm, the clank of machinery (wink,wink,nod,nod) in this one.

Oh God, Google Genome?

Something about this is a little scary, but then many things associated with Google are a little scary now right? Google in your Genes tells how GOOG will be cloning mini-matt-cutts™ and putting one in every home. Well, not really...

Firefox 1.5 This Week

I can't wait till they finally release Firefox 1.5 this week. I've been talking through some of the changes with a developer and it sounds awesome. I think some of the extensions we're likely to see will be in a class of their own.

How a Bookmarklet Saved My Life

Ahem.. well, ok, made it a lot easier anyway. I've been trying to hack this Drupal "blog this" bookmarklet to work a little more to my taste. It's saving me a LOT of time the way i have it, but im missing a couple of serious bits of functionality if anyone out there is a bit handy with Javascript?

What FF Extensions Do You Use?

I was sorting my FF extensions yesterday, and thought it worth trawling for suggestions here for others. Don't know how many of these things one can heap on FF before it starts complaing of indigestion. Probably says too much to the world about what you do on the web, when you look at someones list of extensions!

The Hidden Cost of Options

For the programmer types out there, see Matt Mullenweg's take on making WordPress simple. He advocates giving users less options in the control panel, as it can just confuse and take more time to do something that should be simple.

MSFT Makes RSS a Two Way Street With SSE

The Internet's about to get a whole lot cooler. Microsoft announced today the release of Simple Sharing Extensions (SSE), a protocol that can be thought of as RSS that goes two ways: it allows systems can send and receive information, and hence engage in synchronous behavior. And best of all, Microsoft has released it using a Creative Commonss share-alike license.

$100 Laptop Unveils

The MIT's $100 laptop has finally been unveiled at the UN tech summit in Tunisia.

Personal Wikis

I used to have tons of .txt's around in my computer where I wrote down ideas, to-do lists, various account info etc. Let me tell you, this has to be the most inefficient way of keeping personal notes ever. At some point I couldn't keep up with the .txt clutter I had created and then I came up with the idea to use a wiki for my personal notes. Fortunately, many others have had the idea before me and created some suitable software.

Google Analytics Goes Live

Little to talk about untill they update my stats (i've registered and put the JS code on TW), which they say will happen sometime in the next 12hrs, but Google Analytics is now live.

EBay Adds RSS

Not sure who this is geared for but EBay adds RSS feeds for it's stores.

IBM Introduces Blog Search Tool

This press release from IBM documents their latest offering: Public Image Monitoring Solution, a blog search tool that helps companies keep an eye on their Internet reputation.

Pingoat Needs Server Help

I hate to see a good service die... I'm sure many of us here use Pingoat and loving it. They have posted a a call for help with their servers on their blog this week.

Mac Attacks, Hey Bill, Take That!

Fast Company reports on Mac's growing market share, and how the OS has made good progress in taking more of Windows' market share. The growth is attributed primarily to the success of the iPod.

2G RAM on XP Home?

I'm getting ready to buy a new desktop. I like XP Home as an OS and am currently using it on several companies/machines for ease of data/hardware portability. But on my personal machine used for site-building I need some number-crunching horsepower as I generate static pages from databases locally...

Leaked Documents from MSFT Tell of Future Plans

Spreading like wildfire throughout the web are leaked documents from Bill Gates and Ray Ozzie documenting Microsoft's plans to disrupt the software market by introducing services. Dave Winer has published the leaked email from Gates and the memo from Ozzie.