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One to Watch:

Source Title: XMLSub - Universal Feed Subscriptions and Shared Reading Lists Source Url: Story Text:

For those that like to follow the RSS evolution, or like me, just like to play with stuff, keep an eye out for XMLSub. The best i can give you is an educated guess as to it's purpose. From what i gather it's kinda like a bookmarking service for feeds, allowing you to import/export OPML in order to share.

8GB iPod Mini?

Source Title: Smaller and more powerful..... Source Url: Story Text:

Seagate have announced the first 8 gigabyte 1-inch drive for portable media players, opening the door for a higher capacity iPod Mini. Apple moved the Mini to the same Seagate ST1 drive in its 6GB form in February, introducing new colors and an improved battery life of 18 hours. Debut Dynamic Suggestions

Source Title: Introduces Dynamic Suggestions Source Url: Story Text:

I have to agree with Sean at Organized Shopping about's new dynamic suggestions solution: It's much more intuitive than a dropdown box!

Mozilla's 7yr Old Spoofing Flaw Reappears

Source Title: Spoofing Flaw Reappears in Firefox Source Url: Story Text:

Time to start looking out for updates for FF and Moz based browsers again as Mozilla's now 7yr old spoofing bug wakes from the dead...

See your site on a Mac

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Ever wondered what your site looks like on a Mac? This site allows you to enter a URL and it shows a screen shot of what the site looks like in 3 browsers - Safari 2.0, IE 5.2.3 and Mozilla 1.7.7.

Google SiteMaps Cripples Web Server

Source Title: Google Sitemap Horror Source Url: Story Text:

If you were thinking of running Google's recently launched SiteMaps utility, you might want to think twice. Theodore Smith apparently ran Google's python script, and totaled his server. The post itself shows some worrying system stats before and after the python script was started...

Microsoft Update Goes Live

Source Title: Unified Microsoft Update Site Goes Live Source Url: Story Text:

Microsoft have launched a unified update site according to BetaNews, located at

More from

Source Title: Solve a Puzzle and Get a Treat Source Url: Story Text:

Back in March we talked about Microsoft's, funnily enough, a start page. Now they've launched a new version, complete with annoying hoops to jump though to get a look, and of course it will not work in Firefox (sheesh, how hard can it be?)

Multiple Home Pages in Firefox

Source Title: Set Multiple Homepages in Firefox Source Url: Story Text:

Tipped off by whitemark at cre8 we come across this neat tip for firefox, how to set multiple tabs to open on startup.

A Standards Based Solution to Google Hijacking

Source Title: Standards Compliant Solution for 302 Web Page Hijacking Source Url: Story Text:

If you followed the recent hilarity over Google itself being Google Hijacked then you'll be aware that despite what Google have said about their persistent 302 bug, it's not just spammers that are affected. With that in mind, Mike Majorowicz has proposed a standards based solution to the problem. The solution uses the Content-Location header...

Skype handset makers flock to Computex

Source Title: Skype handset makers flock to Computex Source Url: Story Text:

For those wanting to keep up with latest Skype toys. The Register has an article ,including photos, on the next generation of Skype phones. Not surprisingly handsets are looking more and more like current mobile phones, and they now can include "an integrated Wi-Fi sniffer to help users locate Wi-Fi hotspots".

Link Measurement Tool from PubSub

Source Title: Cool New Link Measurement Tools from PubSub Source Url: Story Text:

PubSub, one of the more popular blog monitoring services have released a very nice link measurement tool that categorizes incoming and outgoing links by day and individual sites....

YotoPhoto - Stock Image Search Engine

Source Title: - free stock photo search engine Source Url: Story Text:

Tim Yang points to, a search engine for free stock photos...

Boot up Windows XP in seconds for $60+

Source Title: Tech World Source Url: Story Text:

For users who are tired of waiting for their Windows PC to boot up Gigabyte technology says they have found the answer to your wishes for a mere $60 plus DRAM costs.

City / State Keyword list Generator

Source Title: HOT TOOL! Generate City/State/Keyword Combo Lists Source Url: Story Text:

Linda points out the city/state keyword list generator, it's rather spiffy...

Microsoft to go XML with Office

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Microsoft have announced their intention to use XML as the file format for Office 12 in the second half of next year. For those using other office products, such as this is surely good news as the standards will be free and open to all...

Google's summer of Open Source code

Source Title: Summer of code Source Url: Story Text:

This Summer, don't let your programming skills lie fallow...Use them for the greater good of Open Source Software and computer science! Google will provide a $4500 award to each student who successfully completes an open source project by the end of the Summer.

Microsoft steps up the fight against Spam

Source Title: Hotmail to get better anti-spam Source Url: Story Text:

Microsoft on Thursday announced two new services aimed at curbing the ever-increasing amounts of spam making its way into MSN Hotmail customers' inboxes. Called MSN Postmaster and Smart Network Data Services, together the services will both ensure legitimate bulk e-mail makes it to Hotmail customers, as well as add an extra line of defense against unwanted spam.

Nokia Launches Linux Handheld Tablet PC

Source Title: Nokia Unveils Handheld Internet Tablet Source Url: Story Text:

Dear Santa, for my christmas, i would like, the new Nokia Linux Handheld Tablet. Please tell them to do more of this stuff...

Web Apps Compendium v1.0

Source Title: Web Apps Compendium v1.0 Source Url: Story Text:

Links and descriptions to 70+ web apps, broken down in categories. SEO is the biggest category. A lot of these you've heard of here or elsewhere, but this list puts them all together in one place. Check the comments for additions as well. Enjoy. ;)